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REVIEW: Blake’s 7: Crossfire Part 1 From Big Finish

Blake's 7: Crossfire Part 1

Blake’s 7 is back at Big Finish with a new set of audio adventures titled Crossfire: Part 1, and what start to this 12 story arc!

This set of Blake’s 7 audio adventures contains 4 individual stories. All of which are chronologically set between episodes, Death Watch and Terminal in the third series of the program. The stories are ‘Paradise Lost’ by Steve Lyons,’ True Believers’ by Simon Clark, ‘Resurgence’ by Mark Wright and ‘Fearless’ by David Bryher. These stories are directed by the very talented individuals, John Ainsworth and Nigel Fairs.

Each story has something unique to offer. While still working cohesively as whole, each adventure can be listened to individually, this is also true of each box set. What’s most exciting about these stories is that they all tackle different subject matter and handle it in different ways. Belief, politics and the inner self are all on the table and each story is lead by a different character.

The Stories

‘Paradise Lost’ is a great story full of politics and intrigue which flew by but required careful attention. It felt grand in scope and was a terrific way to open up the series. Much, if not all, of the cast make at least appearances and the ground work for this, and likely the next set of stories, is laid here.

Crossfire Part 1: Paradise Lost
Crossfire Part 1: Paradise Lost

‘True Believers’ is the oddity. As a new listener, it’s not what I was expecting from Blake’s 7, though that’s not a bad thing. Religion and belief are at the forefront of this intimate tale with minimal cast. It proposes some good ideas but fell a bit short attempting to remain open. In many ways this is the easiest story to listen too if you have no prior knowledge as the support cast are prominent here in what is essentially a Cally solo story.

Crossfire Part 1: True Believers

‘Resurgence’ is a fantastically exciting story brimming with adventure and danger. The fact that each story can be so different from one another is very fun. Having a big cast makes it enjoyable to learn more about each character through their actions. We get a lot of the cast here and revisiting something from the past.

Crossfire Part 1: Resurgence

‘Fearless’ is a great concluding episode for many reasons. It’s the most well rounded as it’s a little bit like all of the stories above. There are high stakes, but it focuses on limited characters and without saying much, a great ending that both concludes neatly and leaves us with a cliff-hanger. Villa is our star player here and he’s just so wonderfully written and performed he’s a hard character not to love.

Crossfire Part 1: Fearless


Blake’s 7 continue to be interesting stories with a great cast that clearly love revisiting and playing these parts. The crew do superb work on sound design and music giving listeners and fans as much as they could possibly want. The stories are the real stars here though and if you’re a fan, of any degree, you’re going to love these. Gaps are filled in nicely and stories are expanded upon with subplots that will help reinforce what you loved about the original program. Be sure to join the adventure and pick up your copy by visiting the Big Finish Website.


Blake’s 7: Crossfire Part 1


Four new brand-new full-cast Blake’s 7 adventures set during the TV series’ third season

Paradise Lost by Steve Lyons

Erewhon was a legendary vacation planet – until it was ravaged by acid storms. A new friend brings the Liberator crew here, their objective: to assassinate an old enemy. But what they find beneath Erewhon’s surface will plunge the galaxy into turmoil.

True Believers by Simon Clark

A mysterious voice forces Cally to a barren world where barbarians threaten a beleaguered city. There, Cally joins a dangerous quest to the Singing Grave, encountering evil of immense ferocity and power.

Resurgence by Mark Wright

A distress signal lures the Liberator to an uncharted world, where the ship’s systems come under attack from an outside influence. Avon and the crew face a spectre of the past that could destroy their hopes for the future.

Fearless by David Bryher

A criminal scheme threatens the balance of power in the Federation, and Vila’s skills offer the best hope of containing the chaos. Bolstered by Cally’s telepathy, he leaps into action – but when Servalan arrives on the scene, the situation quickly spirals out of control…

Written By: Steve Lyons, SImon Clark, Mark Wright, David Bryher
Directed By: John Ainsworth and Nigel Fairs


Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Jan Chappell (Cally), Steven Pacey (Del Tarrant), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Yasmin Bannerman(Dayna Mellanby), Alistair Lock (Zen/Orac), Clare Vousden (Winterhaven), John Green (Mordekain), Hugh Fraser (The President), Rebecca Grant (Gwen Parker), Walles Hamonde (Gunner Kalvert), Becky Wright (Goddess / Distributor / Curator), Abi Harris (Alta-Six), Donovan Christian-Carey (Herrick), Rebecca Crankshaw(Zeera Vos), Daniel Collard (Jallen)

Other parts played by the cast

Producer John Ainsworth
Script Editor John Ainsworth
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs



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