Wave of Destruction - Big Finish
Wave of Destruction – Big Finish

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Wave Of Destruction
by Justin Richards

Starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward & John Leeson

Out Now

Review by Emrys Matthews

A modulated frequency wave cancellation signal isn’t something that the Doctor and Romana expect to detect in 1960s London. But then they don’t expect to find Professor Lanchester, the man who invented it, lying unconscious. Or MI5 investigating.

With the help of MI5 Agent Miller, Lanchester’s daughter Jill, and his nephew a pirate radio DJ called Mark, the Doctor, Romana and K-9 investigate. They soon discover that there is more at risk than they imagined, and an alien invasion is about to begin.

The Wave of Destruction kicks off the latest season of the Fourth Doctor Adventures with a bang and expertly revisits a classic Who villain with élan. It’s a fantastic salute to the sixties. The narrative is crafted by the Doctor Who maestro Justin Richards, who miraculously manages to invoke Douglas Adams’ season 17 style.

Tom Baker and Lalla Ward turn in top notch performances, but it’s Karl Theobald who steals the show with his performance as the pirate radio host Mark. The casting for the returning foe is spot on and the soundscape leaves the listener feeling almost like they’re right there in the sixties.

If you’re a fan of the likes of the City of Death or Shada from Season 17 of Doctor Who this is the audio adventure for you. It’s fast, fun and feels fantastically familiar.


Thanks to Big Finish



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