An Adventure in Space and Time soundtrack
by Edmund Butt

Out now

Review by Gavin Dunbar

of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of Doctor Who‘s 50th
Anniversary celebrations was Mark Gatiss’ An Adventure In Space and Time and, when it came, it didn’t disappoint. It was clearly a
labour of love, and the attention to detail throughout the whole
production was paramount. The look of the period setting was incredible,
and Edmund Butt’s soundtrack really helped to conjur up the era, and
emote the story.

Its a beautiful orchestral work which moves
smoothly from jaunty Sixties characterful instrumentals (the Main Title and
Sydney Newman) to brooding strings (JFK Assassinated, The TARDIS) and
piano led pieces (The New Doctor), warm strings under woodwind (The
Right Man
), cool percussion (Piss And Vinegar), and even a more
electronic dark sound underpinning The Daleks theme. The Chamber
Orchestra of London are well used, with a good variety of sections
getting a run out.

It is in equal parts warm and brooding, it
fits perfectly with the biopic as it progresses. It’s an evocative work
that brings out the emotional content of the story of the early days of
Doctor Who in a subtle and sympathetic way, and helps to illustrate how
exciting a time it was.

Thanks to Silva Screen

Review by Gavin Dunbar

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  1. Believe me when I say I mean this with respect and affection, but is there anything you folks *don't* give an 8/10?


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