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UPDATED: Return of the Fourteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdrivers

Character Options online exclusive version of the Fourteenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver (c) Character Options

Hope is not lost for fans looking to get their hands on the new sonic screwdriver

The reveal of the Fourteenth Doctor’s brand new sonic screwdriver was swiftly followed by the unveiling of the new Character Options toy replica. Unfortunately, that was just as swiftly followed by that toy selling out. In fact, it only took eight hours (and a lot of page refreshing and error messages) for eager fans to snap every last one of the iconic Doctor Who toys.

However those who missed out need not despair. Character Options have responded to the unprecedented demand. They’re kicking off a second run of the toy, though they caution it will be ‘several months’ until stock arrives. But there will also be a ‘standard retailer version’ of the toy hitting toy shops. It’s not entirely clear but it seems likely this will be a slightly different version than the online exclusive. With the already released version featuring more sound FX, light options, and moving parts than any sonic screwdriver toy ever before, it’s possible the retailer version will be closer to what we’ve come to expect from previous toys.


Rubbertoe Replicas are also releasing their high end replica of the new sonic screwdriver this week

But that’s not all. For fans with deeper pockets, Rubbertoe Replicas have told fans to expect their version of the Fourteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver to go on sale from Wednesday the 26th of July. Rubbertoe haven’t confirmed a price yet. But previous Rubbertoe sonics retailed for about £750 each. So we can probably expect a similar price point for the new addition. These replicas are made by the same prop makers who constructed the actual sonic screwdrivers from the show. So the Rubbertoe versions are as close as you’ll come to getting your hands on the real thing.

Check in with Rubbertoe Replicas official site on Wednesday for yours.

The Rubbertoe Replicas version of the Fourteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (c) Rubbertoe Replicas Doctor Who 60th Anniversary
The Rubbertoe Replicas version of the Fourteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (c) Rubbertoe Replicas


Of course, it’s not long now until we’ll see the real thing in action on TVs around the world

It looks not everyone will get to hold their lit sonic screwdrivers aloft when David Tennant burns up the screen once more this November. But for people able to hang on a little longer, there’s still a chance to put up some shelves some long night soon. (Disclaimer: sonic screwdriver toys can not be used to put up shelves)


UPDATE: The Rubbertoe Sonic is here!

You can now pre-order the Rubbertoe Replicas high end replica of the Fourteenth Doctor sonic screwdriver here! The page includes a gorgeous close up look at every mm of the new sonic screwdriver too!


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns in November with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide





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