Torchwood One is back in action!  Well maybe?  They seem to be stuck in the mundane, retirement, office cleaning and mothers.  But this is Torchwood so we’re sure that the ordinary office maintenance can’t ever be ordinary.  Dysfunctional – yes. Ordinary no.  

Matt Fitton, the writer of the second story, agrees. Even though Torchwood is dealing with weird and wonderful aliens you’ve got to remember they still have an office to run – with people to empty the bins, refill the paper tray and fix the photocopier. Would someone who has done that at Torchwood need to be retconned when they leave, and what would the longer-term effects of that be?”

 “In the past, we’ve likened Torchwood One to the TV series Archer which features a dysfunctional group of spies – here we have a dysfunctional office, which just happens to be full of alien hunters.”  

The three stories released today starred Gareth David-Lloyd as fan-favourite Ianto Jones and Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman.  David-Lloyd has a hand in boxset as writer along with Matt Fitton and Tim Foley.

3.1 Retirement Plan by Gareth David-Lloyd 

Torchwood’s Head of Alien Acquisitions is retiring. But there’s something very wrong in the idyll of El Cielo. And it’s going to kill Ianto. 

3.2. Locker 15 by Matt Fitton 

A mysterious force is wiping out Torchwood, and the only person who can save London is a cleaner called Dave. 

3.3 The Rockery by Tim Foley 

Anne Hartman has retired to the country, which comes as a surprise to her daughter. Has Yvonne met a problem even she can’t solve? 

Torchwood One  Latter Days is available now at £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD or £16.99 on download. Pick up a copy at Big Finish


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