Doctor Who has been making fans feel connected for nearly six decades – particularly right now.

From watch-alongs on Twitter, brand new short stories and unearthed gems from the past, it’s been lovely to see the Doctor Who community really looking out for each other over the past few weeks.

If you’re running out of things to keep you busy at home, we’ve got a fun new project for you!

To celebrate 15 years since Doctor Who‘s revival, fans are recreating their favourite ever moments from the show’s modern era.

Just send in a short video clip of yourself (and/or your family, housemates, pets…) acting out any Doctor Who moment from 2005-2020 and you could win a copy of The Legacy of Time (worth £49.99)!

Even if you don’t win, every clip that’s sent in will be included in a compilation video in May so it’s well worth getting involved – and it doesn’t have to look perfect, just use whatever you can find!

If you’re not sure what we mean, check out this video from 2013:


You can find out more information here and there are loads of great examples to check out on Instagram.

The deadline for entries has now passed.

Have fun!


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