Now we’ve all had time to digest and cogitate the entire output of Doctor Who in 2011, see the Blogtor Top 10 HERE, now it’s your turn to vote in The Readers’ Poll 2011. You can submit your Top Three in order of preference (1 being the “best”) to either the Twitter feed HERE, the Facebook page HERE, email HERE or leave a comment below. See the results of 2010 Readers’ Poll HERE.

ETA: The Poll has now closed. Results announced Sunday evening.

Doctor Who Simpsons style!
Top 10 Doctor Who Stories of 2011
Series 6 – What Did YOU Think?
The Readers’ Poll 2010
Series 6 Audio Commentaries

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  1. The Doctor's Wife….#1 by a VERY large margin! In my opinion one of the best Who eps EVER!

    The Girl Who Waited….amazing performance by Karen Gillan, and a gripping story

    I had a hard time picking #3 on my list….though I went with Day of the Moon just because I'm a sucker for witty Doctor moments such as his turning humanity against the Silence.

    Also: Can we please never have an episode like Curse of the Black Spot ever again? Horrid, horrid episode!!!!

  2. 1. The Girl Who Waited- Excellent sci-fi, great story and great character moments on all parts.
    2. The Doctor's Wife- Another excellent episode, barely edged out by TGWW.
    3. Let's Kill Hitler- Great, fun episode that managed to avoid the issues I foresaw going in with the cringe-worthy title.


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