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Now we’ve all had time to digest and cogitate the entire output of Doctor Who in 2010, see the Blogtor Top 10 HERE, now it’s your turn to vote in The Reader’s Poll 2010. You can submit your Top Three (in order of preference) to either the Twitter feed, leave a comment below or email HERE.

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  1. 1) The Eleventh Hour
    2) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
    3) Vincent and the Doctor

    and can I nominate Victory of the Daleks as the worst conceived story ever? A real fly in the ointment.

  2. 1. 'End of Time' Pt.II
    -mesmerizing performances by DT & BC-'still makes me cry 12 months after I first watched it!!
    2. 'Death of the Doctor' Pts I & II -great script,great performances by both the regulars and the guest cast-perfect.
    3. 'Christmas Carol'
    -'silly grin' viewing from start to end,wonderful visuals,fun,sad and joyous script with a sackful quotable lines- " Marylin,get your coat" perfect Christmas viewing!

    'honorable mentions also to 'Eleventh Hour','The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone' and 'Vincent and the Doctor'..infact apart from 'Amy's Choice' I've at least enjoyed pretty much everything this year!!

  3. 1) Vincent And The Doctor
    "Hear and see those colours"
    2) The Eleventh Hour
    "Can I have an apple?"
    3) The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang
    "Hi Honey, I'm home."

  4. The Eleventh Hour
    Great intro to our 'new' Doctor.

    Vincent and the Doctor
    Just about every emotion in one episode. Alternately funny and moving.

    Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
    "Mr Grumpy Face" at his best. He 'became' the Doctor for me in the course of these episodes.

    Honourable mention to the 2 part series finale.

  5. Oooh – tricky. Liable to choose a different three tomorrow. Too many good moments to choose from…


    …in reverse order (just to be contrary)

    3. Vincent and the Doctor – particularly at the end, when the Doctor and Amy take the Goghster to see his own exhibition. 'Scuse me a moment, I think I've got something in my eye…

    2. Victory of the Daleks – c'mon – Spitfires in space! (even if they were knocked up in a spare five minutes or so); Daleks serving tea! The Dalek Eternal…hmmm…intriguing!

    1. The End of Time – part 2. Cribbins and Tennant. Orbiting the Earth. Calm before the storm. Enough said. sob

  6. 1. The End of Time Part 2
    2. The Eleventh Hour
    3. The Lodger

    Highly Commended/Special Award – Death of the Doctor from SJA

  7. my top 3.

    1) the Doctor Who Proms, I was there and it was just brilliant and never to forget

    2) the eleventh hour. A brilliant introduction of the eleventh Doctor.

    3) a Christmas Carol

  8. Way more difficult than I thought it would be, but here goes…

    1) The Beast Below
    2) The Eleventh Hour
    3) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

  9. 1) The Beast Below
    – a wonderfully dark political satire transmitted with perfect timing just before the 2010 Election
    2) The Lodger
    – a witty script about friendship, love and male bonding – oh, and that TARDIS!
    3) Vincent and the Doctor
    – lovely meditation on art, creativity, genius and madness, perception and the inevitability of history.

  10. 1. Vincent and the Doctor.
    2. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
    3. The Eleventh Hour

    And an honourable mention for the pre-credits sequence in 'The Time of Angels'. Oh yeah.

  11. 1st – The Eleventh Hour
    2nd – The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone
    3rd – The Lodger / Vincent and the Doctor / A Christmas Carol / The Big Bang

    Honorable Mentions: All other eps except 8/9 (sry!); both "Meanwhile in the TARDIS" scenes; and all DW Confidentials

    Special Mention: i wasn't keen on 2 (darned Daleks outwitted the Doctor =/) but i soooo LOVE the scene with the Doctor's white-hot rage against and hatred of the beasties. WOW — i mean, WOW! Brilliant Matt =D

    (uh, was there a limit on the length of the post? lol, sry)

  12. 1) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
    2) Vincent and the Doctor
    3) Joint (Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone or The Eleventh Hour)

  13. Soooo hard to choose! But,

    1. A Christmas Carol

    Great script, very original and flying fish!
    Music spectacular too.

    2. The Eleventh Hour
    2 words: Fish Custard!

    3. The Lodger
    Being a fangirl here but half naked Doctor FTW!

  14. 1. Amy's Choice
    2. The Eleventh Hour
    3. The Beast Below (I know, I know… Everyone hates this. It's flawed but I loved it.)

  15. my top Three are.

    1 Pandorica Opens
    2 Vincent and the Doctor
    3 Eleventh Hour
    Some other fantastic episodes were there so it was a tough call.

  16. 1. A Christmas Carol (Beautiful story!)
    2. Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone (Blink was also my fave of S3)
    3. The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang (Blew Me Away!)

  17. 1) The Eleventh Hour
    2) Vincent and the Doctor
    3) The Big Bang

    I see very few people rates the Silurian story… Considering it's quite a big story, it only gets one third place vote so far, and considering I had totally forgotten about it until I looked at an episode list. I think it had poor direction and largely uninspiring acting from the human cast.

  18. 1. 'The Time of Angels' / 'Flesh and Stone'
    2. 'Amy's Choice'
    3. 'The Pandorica Opens' / 'The Big Bang'

    'The Eleventh Hour' is a noble fourth for me, and to be honest I liked every episode this latest series to at least some degree. A great season in my opinion, best since the 80s.

  19. 1. Vincent and the Doctor
    2. Amy's Choice
    3. Eleventh Hour/Pandorica Opens

    I put The End of Time Part II in a different category and the Christmas Carol almost made it too.

  20. 1) The Pandorica Opens – probably my favourite Who episode ever.
    2) The Eleventh Hour – Matt Smith nailed it from the beginning.
    3) The Time of Angels.

  21. Right, this is difficult…

    1) Vincent and the Doctor (just beautiful)
    2) The Eleventh Hour (Matt nailed it immediately – marvellous debut, and brilliant performance from Caitlin!)
    3) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang (a wonderful finale, and some brilliant writing and direction)

  22. Such a tough decision, but I think this'll do for my Top 3!
    1. The Eleventh Hour
    2. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
    3. Amy's Choice


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