The ratings are in! In the UK, Doctor Who ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ hit a huge 8.2 million viewers overnight. This equated to 40.1% of all television watchers.

For context, this is the largest average overnight figure since David Tennant’s debut episode. It is important to remember that The Christmas Invasion‘s 9.4 million total was delivered on Christmas Day 2005 though. It is also behind the 9.9 million that Rose achieved earlier that same year. Last night’s ratings figure however does compare favourably with the Steven Moffat era. Both The Eleventh Hour and Deep Breath achieved respectable overnight figures of 8 million and 6.79 million respectively. The audience share remains consistent, topping 40%, with the average for the previous four Doctor debuts at 42%.

The Woman Who Fell to Earth saw a new regular broadcast slot on Sunday nights and a first female Doctor. But the viewers have spoken in even greater numbers, which will hopefully be maintained in future weeks. Doctor Who is back and the UK was certainly watching!

Final viewing figures will be published after those who recorded the show and watched it are taken into consideration.


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