The Museum of London in, erm, London is currently hosting an exhibition celebrating ninety years of the listings publication, Radio Times. In the exhibit there’s a large portion devoted to Doctor Who content, which you can see in the pictures collected here by Blogtor. Entry is free and I can’t recommend it highly enough – a lovely little gallery with some gorgeous Doctor Who art and Radio Times covers – not to mention a life size Dalek recreating one of the magazine’s iconic covers!

Below you can find some amazing artwork created for the Radio Times, featured are (clockwise): The War Machines by Victor Reinganum (June 23, 1966); The Sea Devils by Frank Bellamy (Dec 16 – 29, 1972); The Evil of the Daleks by Victor Reinganum (June 6, 1968); and Terror of the Zygons by Frank Bellamy (Aug 30 – Sept 5, 1975).

Below you can see more pictures of the fascinating exhibit, including the blueprint for Ray Cusick’s Dalek design produced by the BBC Design Department, 1963 and some classic Radio Times covers. The exhibition runs until November 3, 2013.

All pics courtesy of Cameron K. McEwan


  1. How long will this exhibition be running? I'll be in London in november (yes for the anniversary). will it still be on, then?

  2. @cg1701 That's a This Planet Earth Dalek, and another example of their poor quality control. If you ever go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff they have one acting as the Oswin Dalek. The neck and head are in the same state, and the hemispheres are poorly aligned.

    @Anonymous The RTD era model was on the 2005 cover, and the Paradigm Daleks were on the 2010 cover.


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