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This week’s issue of the television listing s magazine Radio Times, on sale now, is a Doctor Who special featuring an interview with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s guide to Series 8. The digital version also features many exciting extras (including the 1973 Radio Times Doctor Who 10th Anniversary special). Check out some quotes and the details below, click on the images for bigger versions.

On speaking to Matt Smith and David Tennant, Peter Capaldi says:

“It’s nice to talk to people who know what it’s like to get back to your flat at 7.30 at night and still have five pages of dialogue to learn for the next day and the hours are ticking away, and you’ve still got to get some sleep. It’s good to have something to do with people who you have seen triumph in that situation.”

He also explains he still hasn’t quite found his feet yet:

“I don’t know if it’s quite fallen into place yet. I think it’s a mistake to get it to click, to get into a groove. I’ve tried to avoid finding a way to do it and then just repeating that. I’m trying all the time to see what works and what doesn’t work, though I’m trying to bring back some of the Doctor’s mystery and strangeness, which is hard to do given that the show is 50 years old.”

Extras include: 1973 Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Radio Times Special supplement, exclusive Doctor Who photo gallery & unique digital edition animated cover.
Courtesy of Radio Times

The new digital issue Radio Times, available iOS on
Apple’s Newsstand
, celebrates the dawn of a new Doctor with
exclusive additional Doctor Who content, including a digital
reproduction of the Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Radio Times special (pictured below).  The 68 page supplement was first published in 1973
and inspired the then 15 year old future Doctor, Peter Capaldi,
to write to Radio Times
in praise of the special edition.

The 10th anniversary supplement
features the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee on the cover and includes episode
guides for the first 10 years, a guide to build your own Dalek and a
(then) new Dalek story by Terry Nation.

The Radio Times digital special also
features a unique animated Doctor Who cover, only available with the
digital edition, featuring Peter Capaldi; plus a picture gallery of the
new Doctor from a Radio Times exclusive photo-shoot.

Features inside the new issue include
an exclusive interview and cover shoot with star Peter Capaldi;
showrunner Steven Moffat’s unmissable guide to all 12 episodes of the
new series; much more plus
comprehensive TV and radio listings for 23-29 August.

This week’s Radio Times digital issue
is available at special summer half-price promotional rate of just 99p.
Radio Times is available on the Apple Newsstand every Tuesday, for iPad
and iPhone, at £1.99 per issue, £6.99 for a monthly subscription
or £79.99 for an annual subscription. The digital issue is initially
available on Apple devices and will be rolled out across other mobile
and tablet platforms thereafter.

Courtesy of Radio Times
Thanks to Radio Times


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