This week’s issue of the UK television listings magazine the Radio Times has a Doctor Who cover (click on the pic below for a bigger version) and a four~page feature inside, including a guide to Series 6. In it, Steven Moffat teases (SPOILERS follow after the pic):

• Amy and Rory are caught up in a century~spanning scheme.

• The Silence blew up the TARDIS.

• The lines,”Fear me – I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords,” and “Fear me – I’ve killed all of them,” come from The Doctor’s Wife.

• The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People is about “an alien shape~changer and an industrial dispute”; a cross between The Thing and Made In Dagenham.

• A Good Man Goes To War sees The Doctor and Rory “blaze across galaxies to save the woman in both their lives.” It also sees the return of the Cybermen.


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