Keeping up with the tradition, our outgoing Doctor has graced the cover of the Radio Times for a souvenir festive edition.

It seems like the Radio Times can’t get enough of putting the Doctor on its cover. Matt Smith and his The Crown co-star Claire Foy grace the cover this week as the Netflix series launches its second series. The week after, however, the incumbent Doctor is in as Peter Capaldi takes centre page.


As well as an interview with Capaldi himself, there’s also a handful of sneaky peeks at the upcoming Christmas special. ‘Twice Upon a Time’ will feature David Bradley and sees the Doctor regenerate into his thirteenth incarnation played by Jodie Whittaker.

From the images, we get a detailed look at the tracking room set to feature in the special. This has been lovingly recreated from the 1966 serial ‘The Tenth Planet’. This story saw the Cybermen make their debut as well as being William Hartnell’s swansong. The 2017 special will recreate the events of his regeneration, with Bradley filling in for the late Hartnell. The bulk of The Tenth Planet‘s final episode was lost to history (and the BBC’s policy of reusing tapes). Not only does this edition of the Radio Times, which will appear on shelves from today, feature this year’s Christmas gossip. The magazine is going back in time to look at its Doctor Who Christmas coverage in years gone by.

Radio Times & Who


Radio Times has always had a close association with Doctor Who, especially at Christmas and for special occasions. Though the show didn’t make the cover until 1983, the magazine gave it regular coverage since day one. The Radio Times has made room on its cover for Doctor Who every December since it returned in 2005. ‘The Christmas Invasion’, the first official Christmas episode of the series, was flanked by a TARDIS stuck in a snowglobe.

How do you think Jodie Whittaker’s first Christmas special will be heralded by the Radio Times? Let us know in the comments below.


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