Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils sees a Doctor Who fan in his first television acting role.  Marlowe Chan-Reeves portrays Ying Ki in the new spring special that features the return of an old familiar monster – the Sea Devils

Marlowe who acts alongside Jodie Whittaker, John Bishop, and Mandip Gill, was discovered by Doctor Who’s long time Casting Director Andy Pryor.   Even with a light CV, he impressed Chris Chibnall with his talent.  “We saw some amazing people. Crystal (Yu) just absolutely shone out, and then we also Marlowe Chan-Reeves who plays Ying-Kei, I think this is his first television job and he’s an absolute star of the future,” commented the showrunner.  “It’s something that happens all the time on Doctor Who, down to the genius of Andy Pryor and his team – they’re the unsung heroes of the series since 2005.”

Marlowe also had a chance to help out the star of the program, Jodie Whittaker, with his expert knowledge of the series.  Marlowe is a Whovian and his knowledge of Doctor Who far surpassed mine! There was a scene where I couldn’t say one of my lines and it was a very specific scientific term,” Whittaker lamented.   “I just kept getting this word wrong and he would stand next to the camera and slightly mouth it to me as I did it. It really should have been roles reversed – I should have been helping him out because he has just started but he was always helping me out!”

Mandip Gill echoed the praise of young actor, “Marlowe has done so well to be on a professional set and at young age and he’s so together. Also he’s a fan of the show and I love when people come in and they love the show. They want to be there as an actor, but they also love it and it’s something that they actually watch on the outside. I’ve always liked that about our guest actors – I love that they love it for a multitude of reasons, not just because they get to work as an actor.”

It sounds like Doctor Who was the perfect first step for Marlowe Chan-Reeves first role.  We look forward to seeing his work this weekend.

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils - BBC Studios
Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils – BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns with Legend of the Sea Devils on Easter Sunday, at 7.10pm on BBC One in the UK, and 2pm on BBC America in the US

In a swashbuckling special adventure, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan come face to fin with one of the Doctor’s oldest adversaries, the Sea Devils. Why has legendary pirate queen Madam Ching come searching for a lost treasure? What terrifying forces lurk beneath the oceans of the 19th century? And did Yaz really have to dress Dan up as a pirate?

The episode will be available on iPlayer once the episode has aired on BBC One


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