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PREORDER NOW: 100 Objects of Dr Who

100 Objects of Doctor Who. Cover by Martin Baines (c) Candy Jar Books

Explore the history of Doctor Who with a literary exhibit of 100 artifacts in a new book from Candy Jar Books

100 Objects of Dr Who is available to preorder now from Candy Jar Books. Written by Doctor Who Companion’s Philip Bates, who previously contributed 10 Objects of the Brigadier to The Brigadier: Declassified, 100 Objects  goes deeper to collect facts and opinions from all fifty-seven years of the best science-fiction series in the world. Along your tour through time, you’ll encounter iconic objects like the sonic screwdriver, River Song’s diary, the Seal of the High Council of Gallifrey and the Space-Time Visualiser. But also artifacts of fandom itself like a Revenge of the Cybermen VHS tape, the BBC Sound Effects No. 19: Doctor Who Sound Effects LP, the 1996 Series Bible, and a mouldy old Slitheen suit. Not a straight chronology of the series, 100 Objects jumps back and forth in time, jam-packed with fascinating information for the distinguished Doctor Who fan.

Moreover, as Bates explains, it delves into areas of Doctor Who rarely covered before, explaining it “includes the behind-the-scenes trivia you would expect, but I wanted to go one further. So, I’ve included sections on the live events not everyone’s been lucky enough to experience, asked the question how Christ the Redeemer relates to Doctor Who, as well as looking at the bizarre world of fake merchandise. I basically wanted to go off the beaten track, jumping backwards and forwards in Who history.”

Candy Jar’s Head of Publishing, Shaun Russell, is full of praise for the result. “When Philip submitted his piece for The Brigadier: Declassified I was blown away by the quality of writing. His take on the series was unlike anything I’ve read before. His writing reminds me of Doctor Who: The Completely Useless Encyclodpedia from 1996 by Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons. I am truly excited that we have been able expand beyond ten objects.”


Who. Cover by Martin Baines (c) Candy Jar Books
100 Objects of Doctor Who. Cover by Martin Baines (c) Candy Jar Books

100 Objects of Dr. Who by Philip Bates

 “So, all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will: where do you want to start…?”

 100 Objects of Doctor Who is a celebration of everyone’s favourite sci-fi show. Perfect for fans, no matter your mileage – whether you’ve just started your journey through all of time and space, or have lived through the highs, the lows, the Wildernesses, the Androzanis, and the Twin Dilemmas. Inside, you’ll find: A terrifying army of three Daleks! Death’s Head’s head! A really quite astonishingly heavy door! Dinosaur fossils! A framed piece of wall! And much, much more!

This is a book about Doctor Who. But probably not the one you’re expecting.

100 Objects of Dr Who is currently only available to preorder from the Candy Jar website, for £9.99 (+ p&p).



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