Relive The Power of the Doctor with a brand new action figure set marking the handover from Whittaker to Tennant

Character Options have revealed a new 5.5″ action figure set celebrating The Power of the Doctor. The set comprises new figures of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor. Both as they appeared in last month’s epic special in looks that have never been in plastic form before!

The two figures recreate the Doctors’ costumes for the first time in toy form

The Thirteenth Doctor figure features her in her unique costume from this episode, as seen after she recovers from her forced regeneration into the Master. It features Tom Baker’s iconic scarf, Peter Davison’s celery, Sylvester McCoy’s question mark jumper, David Tennant’s Armani tie, and Peter Capaldi’s check trousers. Plus, of course, Whittaker’s own coat, this time with rolled up sleeves. (Meanwhile the open cuffed shirt is hard to track down, with a few Doctors as possible inspirations for that one).

The Fourteenth Doctor figure uses a brand new head sculpt of David Tennant. It also recreates his brand new look from The Power of the Doctor and next year’s three Diamond Anniversary specials. It features a blue-on-brown tartan waistcoat and trousers, grey Converse trainers, and a blue double breasted long coat.

The Thirteenth Doctor Regeneration Set Doctor Who Fourteenth Doctor
The Thirteenth Doctor Regeneration Set (c) Character Options

The new set also makes an attractive display item with its unique box

Featuring the new version of the classic diamond logo that’s returned for the anniversary, the pair of figures come in special packaging that give collectors the best of both worlds. You can keep your figures pristine in their box, while also making them a handsome display item. Taking them out and moving them around the living room floor battling monsters is, of course, also an option.

Al Dewar, Creative Director for Character Options commented: “We all felt it was a genuine delight to see the Thirteenth Doctor’s era end on such a powerful note and as hard as it must have been to follow that, the genuine surprise reveal of her next incarnation in the form of the Fourteenth Doctor was mind blowing!

“Obviously we had a huge help from BBC Studios and Bad Wolf Studios in creating this new item and everyone has been massively invested in bringing a set to fans that really stands out as a celebration of this iconic part of Doctor Who history. We therefore cannot thank Russell T Davies, the brand team and BBC Studios enough for their huge help. It’s a real testament to everyone involved that this particular set has turned out to be such an amazing item and presented in this frankly shockingly fabulous packaging. The results speak for themselves and this is a real unique opportunity to add something truly special to your Doctor Who collection.”

You can see a special video preview of the set on the official Character Options YouTube channel:


The Thirteenth Doctor Regeneration Action Figure Set

The Thirteenth Doctor Regeneration Action Figure Set is available to pre-order now, exclusive to Character’s own website. It retails at £29.99, including post and packaging, and will be shipping at the end of December. Character note that the set is a limited edition and likely to sell out.


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