Official Doctor Who licensee AbbyShot have just announced that their replica of the Thirteenth Doctor’s coat will be available to pre-order from Tuesday 18th December!

For several years, AbbyShot have been the official licensee for Doctor Who replica cosplay items. In that time, they’ve been dedicated to producing high-quality replicas of many Doctors’ iconic accessories and items of clothing. These have included a number of the Twelfth Doctor’s coats, the Seventh Doctor’s umbrella, the Eleventh Doctor’s bow ties, plus many more.

AbbyShot have yet to release any images of their take on the Thirteenth Doctor’s coat, but if their previous work is anything to go by, it’s sure to be well worth the asking price. They have said that they are open to working with bespoke tailor Chris Kerr to make their version as close to the one we’ve seen on screen.

The Thirteenth Doctor’s coat will be available to pre-order from AbbyShot in both a ladies’ and men’s fit from Tuesday 18th December. Each fit will be available in sizes from X-Small to Extra-Extra-Large, and priced at £237.09 GBP. If 100 fans place a pre-order, the coats will ship from approximately Spring/Summer 2019.

Also available to order now from AbbyShot are the Thirteenth Doctor’s socks. These come directly from the manufacturers of the actual socks worn by Jodie Whittaker, Corgi Socks. These socks are available from AbbyShot, priced at £31.61, or from Corgi Sockspriced at £35.

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Coat

It’s time to re-generate yet again into a new adventure with a new Doctor, new friends, new villains and most importantly….A NEW COAT!!

Have you ever worn a coat that transformed you and sent regeneration energy through your veins? Now’s your chance to short-range teleport into your fantasy as The Thirteenth Doctor and know what it feels like to not just have one pulse…but two!

You’ve probably stuck your hands in an old coat recently and noticed it had empty pockets. You know what that means right? It’s a sign that you need a new coat because you can’t go around with empty pockets! You may want to visit a thrift shop to find a new wardrobe, but trust us, you won’t find what you’re looking for there. You’ll need to travel many solar systems away to find your replica Thirteenth Doctor’s Coat.

The rebooted TV series Doctor Who, Season 11 brings a new Doctor, a new TARDIS, new friends, new villains and many new adventures. This will be the most accurate Thirteenth Doctor’s replica coat in the entire galaxy right down to the finest detail!

If you want this design to be as close as humanly possible, we’ll work with Chris Kerr to make us an original coat identical to Jodie Whittaker’s.

We don’t want to make the decision to jettison The Thirteenth Doctor’s Coat and disappoint any Whovians! We’ll need to reach our goals for this development to go forward.

So, what do you say? Do you want in? Pre-order your new coat now and join us on this adventure.


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