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PRE-ORDER: Callan Volume 2

Callan Volume 2, starring Ben Miles and Frank Skinner (c) Big Finish Productions

Callan, the classic spy TV series originally starring Edward Woodward, returns for a second volume of four new hour long audio dramas from Big Finish

Big Finish have announced four new missions for Callan, the reluctant government assassin, and his even more reluctant sidekick Lonely. Ben Miles (Coupling, The Crown) stars as David Callan with Frank Skinner (Mummy on the Orient Express) as Lonely, originally portrayed by Russell Hunter (The Robots of Death). Callan hates his job almost as much as he hates Lonely’s body odour.  But it’s also the only thing he’s good at. And he is very good at it.

Murder and betrayal are all in a day’s work at The Section. And that’s just among Callan’s colleagues.

Edward Woodward and Russell Hunter as Callan and Lonely in the original television series (c) StudioCanal British Spy Drama Classic TV Edward Woodword Russell Hunter Lonely Audio
Edward Woodward and Russell Hunter as Callan and Lonely in the original television series (c) StudioCanal

Writer Peter Mitchell has declared Miles and Skinner outstanding successors to Woodward and Hunter

The scripts are adapted by Peter Mitchell, son of the original series creator James Mitchell, from his father’s prose short stories. “My dad always said that he was blessed by the leading actors in the original Callan TV series,” he recalls. “All I can do is echo that sentiment in these audios. Ben Miles is outstanding as Callan; maintaining that potent mix of threat and vulnerability requires immense skill as an actor.

Mitchell is equally full of praise for the new Lonely. “Frank Skinner beautifully captures the innocence and bewilderment that makes the character endearing and ridiculous all at the same time. Obviously, Frank’s timing is superb – it adds a real lustre to the humour.” 

Ben Miles and Frank Skinner at the recording of Callan Volume 2 (c) Big Finish Productions

Producer Emma Haigh promises that Callan Volume 2 will be worth the wait

Meanwhile, producer Emma Haigh says “it’s really terrific we’ve got the Callan team back together to record a second series.”  It’s taken some time to reassemble to team due to Miles’ role in the National Theatre’s production of The Lehman Trilogy, the play about the history of the Lehman Brothers, from its founding in 1850 to its role in the financial collapse of 2008 and co-starring Simon Russell Beale and Adam Godley. But Haigh is delighted with the results. We’ve had to be patient whilst Ben was busy with The Lehman Trilogy but the best things come to those who wait – and they certainly have here.

The forthcoming box set comprises four thrilling escapades for the spy team

File on a Difficult Don

The cap and gown meet the gun and bullet when Callan visits the Dreaming Spires to protect a code-breaker.

File on a Mourning Mother

Callan and Meres are investigating the mysterious death of a scientist at a top secret research centre when they discover, Hell hath no fury…

File on an Elusive Engineer

Callan and Meres are sent to protect a British engineer from an assassination attempt and then find themselves all at sea…

File on an Angry American

The CIA plans to execute a double agent on British soil and Callan is sent to make sure the target’s wife doesn’t get caught in the cross-fire…


Callan Volume 2, starring Ben Miles and Frank Skinner (c) Big Finish Productions

Callan Volume 2

David Callan works for The Section, a top-secret counter-espionage organisation. He’s a killer, a trained assassin, and the best at what he does.

But that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

With the aid of the burglar Lonely; fellow operative Meres; and Section secretary Liz, Callan fulfils the orders of departmental head Hunter and finds himself in very murky waters.  Murder, betrayal and model soldiers. It’s all in a day’s work for Callan.

Adapted from series creator James Mitchell’s Sunday Express Short Stories by his son Peter Mitchell.


Callan Volume 2 is now available to pre-order at the special price of £27.99 as a collector’s edition four-disc CD box set or £24.99 as a download, exclusively from the Big Finish website. Big Finish listeners can save money by pre-ordering this box set in a bundle with the first volume in this series for just £50 on CD or £45 as a download.

Please note that Big Finish has now re-opened its warehouse and commenced the shipping of back orders. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will still be delayed, but all purchases of these CD titles unlock a digital copy that can be downloaded or played on the Big Finish app immediately upon release. 




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