Just in time for Christmas, official Doctor Who cosplay licensee Abbyshot have announced pre-orders for the Thirteenth Doctor socks… straight from the same people who made Whittaker’s!

Costume designer Ray Holman worked closely with actor Jodie Whittaker on the Thirteenth Doctor’s look. As part of that fresh new costume he gave the character thick socks in stripes of light and dark blue. To create them he collaborated with Welsh company Corgi Socks to create a custom design just for her.

For several years Abbyshot have been the official licensee for Doctor Who cosplay replicas. Over that time they’ve created replicas both high quality and ready for everyday, practical use. Items have included the iconic coats of the Tenth, Thirteenth and Twelfth Doctors. Plus the Tom Baker’s City of Death brooch, Peter Davison’s celery, Colin Baker’s cat badge and Sylvester McCoy’s umbrella. Now they have teamed up with Corgi Socks to mass market exact replicas of the Doctor’s new socks.

The cashmere blend socks are available for pre-order now and will ship out to customers next month. The socks are priced at £31.18 ($39.99/€35.18).

The socks are available to pre-order now, from Abbyshot or direct from Corgi Socks (priced at £35).

The Thirteenth Doctor's socks, available from Abbyshot (c) Abbyshot
The Thirteenth Doctor’s socks, available from Abbyshot (c) Abbyshot

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Socks

Twice Upon A Time there was a new Doctor, who regenerated into an incredibly lively and warm character. This Doctor, to be more specific, is known as the Thirteenth Doctor travelling the Universe with friends who love a little bit of adventure in their lives! You may have heard of her and her companions? Yeah, that Doctor! The funny, energetic, speaks a hundred miles an hour Doctor! Isn’t she the greatest friend you could ever wish for to guide you around the universe?

A new Time Lord not only comes with a distinct personality but also a brilliant new appearance. The Thirteenth Doctor’s refreshing wardrobe includes a long, hooded trench coat, rainbow striped top, mustard colored braces, cropped wide legged trousers, laced up boots and last but not least, TARDIS blue striped socks.

These are far from boring socks. The Thirteenth Doctor’s Socks help make you walk with purpose! Hurtle across space and time wearing these cozy striped lounge socks made from a luxurious blend of heavyweight cashmere and cotton for long lasting wear.

Direct from the creators of the screen used original

Did you know that these comfortable socks are made by Corgi Socks in Wales, UK? They are the original makers of the actual socks worn by Jodie Whittaker in the Doctor Who TV Series, Season 11. We know how important it is to you to own the most accurate replica socks so this time around we went straight to the source! Wearing these socks you’ll now be able to walk undetectably amongst villains and creatures thanks to Corgi Socks using a traditional manufacturing method called hand linking. Their toe seam is almost undetectable achieving a beautifully comfortable sock! See? No ordinary socks here.

Don’t look any further, you’ve found the original Thirteenth Doctor’s Socks right here! Now its your turn to walk in her shoes (well, in this case her socks) and own a pair for yourself to take part in your very own thrilling and uplifting adventures full of drama, delight, scares and bags of fun!


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