Before Doctor Who, Richard Strange sat down with Peter Capaldi and chatted with one of the most beloved actors, writers and director in the UK.  Look very dapper and completely twelfth Doctor-ish during the interview, you can definitely see Peter Capaldi’s influence on his current costume.

This lengthy interview wIth HiBROW reviews his career from his first film with Burt Lancaster,     through his Academy Award winning short film, Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life and his roles in Bill Condon’s WikiLeaks film and The Fifth Estate.  Strange also covered his most famous role at the time (remember this was pre-Doctor Who) Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and In The Loop.

The interview is part of  Richard Strange‘s A Mighty Big If series, and was recorded at The House of St Barnabas.

You can watch the 1:50 min indepth interview at the HiBROW website.


The House of St Barnabas is a London charity established in 1846 in Soho.  The charity works to help the homeless by enabling and assessing them to achieve long term employment A Mighty Big If is part of The House of St Barnabas’ Culture Series which takes place in the charity’s beautiful 19th century French Gothic Chapel.

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Susan Hewitt is the Editor and Site Owner of Blogtor Who. She has loved all Doctor Who for over 5 decades now. Prisoner, Blake-7, Space-1999, Star Wars and Star Trek were also huge favourites. Her favourite Doctor is Tom Baker with Peter Capaldi following in a close second. However, David Tennant does rank as one of her favourite actors particular due to his brilliant work in theatre. She followed her heroes and became an Electrical Engineering in the semiconductor industry and worked for ATI, AMD and ARM. She is the CTO of Ryff when she isn't writing or editing Blogtor Who.


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