The Power of the Dalek's Animation (c) BBC
The Power of the Dalek’s Animation (c) BBC
It has been confirmed that tickets for a special screening of ‘The Power of the Daleks’ at the BFI Southbank will go on sale on the 4th October at 11:30am.

The event, celebrating 50 years of the Doctor Who classic will include episodes 1-3 of the brand new animated version plus a Q&A with Anneke Wills (Polly) and Frazer Hines (Jamie).

All tickets are priced at £22.70, restricted to two per booker. This price includes a copy of the DVD which will be posted out two weeks after the event. The confirmed date for the DVD release is the 21st November.

The Power of the Daleks DVD (c) BBC
The Power of the Daleks DVD Cover (TBC) (c) BBC

The screening will take place on the 5th November at 1pm. The same day as the BBC Store releases the download of the new six-half hour episodes, coinciding with its first and only broadcast on BBC One in 1966.

This brand new black and white animation has been lovingly created by the team behind the highly successful animation of the lost Dad’s Army episode A Stripe For Frazer. Its has been constructed using audio recordings of the programme and the original cast, surviving photographs and film clips.

The episodes feature the regeneration of First Doctor William Hartnell into Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Along with companions Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) as they do battle with the Daleks on the planet Vulcan.

If you are unable to make it to the BFI you can register your interest in the download at the BBC Store now. Click on the image below. The DVD can be pre-order now via

US fans will get a chance to see all six episodes when it premieres on BBC America on the 12th November.

The Power of the Daleks (c) BBC Store
The Power of the Daleks (c) BBC Store


  1. Why do people from the US keep getting treated different than those from the UK?
    BFI southbank I can understand since it’s only in the UK. But then, that’s an event, so if someone from the US would really want to go I’m sure they’d buy a ticket.
    Though, on the one hand the serial will be available for download on the BBC store, while the US gets it broadcast on BBC America. That’s just annoying. Why not also on BBC one or two? That’s way easier than “available for download”
    I still don’t understand why the BBC does stuff like that.

    • The BBC’s spending has never been more scrutinised than it is right now and the Tories would love to jump on Auntie and claim that it’s wasted money on an animated reconstruction of an old story (something they haven’t done with any other wiped show) rather than putting it towards producing new shows. If the BBC charge people for it, they can justify it to the government. Sadly, the only way other episodes will get the same treatment is if it makes financial sense to the Beeb.

      • I see, yeah, makes sense. It’s just that I’m dutch and live in the Netherlands, so I won’t have access to any of the options. Maybe the streaming on BBC America, but I’m not sure. In the Netherlands we do receive BBC one and two, so what I usually do with a new episode of Doctor Who is to record it on the broadcast date and watch it two days later cause I don’t have time earlier. In this case, with 6 episodes, together almost 3 hours, I would absolutely need to watch it in two or three parts, if I don’t want to have planning problems.

        But anyway, I suppose I have to wait for the DVD to get discounted in about a year or two.


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