9th Doctor Funko
9th Doctor Funko

In delightful news, Forbidden Planet UK has announced a new line of their wildly popular Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures. Their first series of the Funko figures were a smashing success for Forbidden Planet UK, and this new series adds six fantastic new figures.

Funko - Sarah Jane
Funko – Sarah Jane

Collectors like the POP! vinyl figures because they are well-made and plain old cute. Since many collectors never open the box, the attractive packaging with a clear window is especially appealing. It appears the figures have already been pinned on Pinterest more than 47,000 times — impressive numbers indeed.

First up is Sarah Jane, a most beloved companion. She looks both ageless and timeless in a darling pair of stripey overalls. There is River Song, and her vinyl hair is actually fairly close to the curly mass on the real Alex Kingston. The Jack Harkness figure stares intensely, or as intensely as a toy head can, from the depths of his cardboard cage. Of course, there’s Rose Tyler, looking as fetching as ever in a tiny little pair of jeans. In a nice surprise, there is the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I’m not an especial fan of his era (and now I’m ducking the tomatoes thrown at my own non-vinyl head) but for collectors, this is a welcome and necessary addition. His plastic hair comes to a perfectly neat point, just like the real article.

Funko - Silence
Funko – Silence

My favorite of the group is The Silence. It’s wonderful! It’s menacing! The large heads of the POP! figures actually compliments The Silence. His box looks great, his perfectly straight suit looks terrific. Now if only they would consider shipping this creepy little-boxed head across the Atlantic.

Each figure costs £8.99. The new figures arrive Sunday, 28 February and stand about 9 cm tall. The Forbidden Planet website is currently offering 10% off.

On a final note: on this tragic day in music history, here is a new suggestion for the next POP! vinyl figure



  1. I must be honest. I have and prefer the smaller “pocket pop key chain” characters. Just because of lack of shelf space. Most likely a common problem among DW fans, so much cool stuff, so little shelf space.


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