The subject of Doctor Who was raised in the most recent edition of the BBC audience feedback show, Points of View [Oct 2, 2011]. See what people had to say about the new series in the player above. Read what Blogtor Who readers are saying about The Wedding of River Song HERE.

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Has Steven Moffat been watching The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big~Hands?


  1. It's the voice of the minority. It's not confusing or complicated if you pay attention. Steven Moffat you should not listen to those people. They just want Eastenders with a bit of time traveling. When a person says that something is confusing, boring, and too clever, it usually means that they're watching something amazing that they just can't understand because they're stupid.

  2. The Wedding of River Song had an appreciation index of 86. That's what counts – not the three people quoted on PoV or the people on forums like this saying it was terrible. The BBC will be happy that Steven Moffatt is producing what the majority of viewers want to see.

  3. I think it was just me getting bored of doctor who, but I re watched an old episode (first appearance of Tennant) and was really exciting. So I noticed it's not me.

    I like the movie primer, I like the moffat story "Blink"… so it's not about complex time traveling. It's more it's it becoming a soup opera: people getting married, people have confusing relationships, who is my father?, where is my mother?, Do you love him or him?, etc…

    I hope that closing the pond family storyline the thing get a better direction. And more detailed. There is not fun in appear in the middle of the baddies camp with an army without explain where it convinced everyone. A good season could be looks all those travels to find Amy and allies before mid-season.

  4. What idiot said last night's show was "hectic, confusing and boring"?! What a complete and utter ugly, dumb cow. Watch another show if you can't understand it! Blimey, what an idiot. So are the others. They're all hectic and dumb people. Blogtor, this must be the most offensive video you put on. To me, Series 6 is the best series so far.

  5. I rather like to take the diplomatic approach and say that it can be difficult to follow Doctor Who. When you're walking in and out. Or on Facebook. Or cooking your tea. Or NOT CONCENTRATING. It's not that hard.

    So hell to diplomacy. What a bunch of thickos.

  6. These people are obviously people that have only watched RTD's (camp, stupidly written, terrible) era and don't understand that what Moffat is doing is gradually moving away from that back into CLASSIC Doctor Who, PROPER Doctor Who

  7. There's no such thing as "classic" or "proper" Doctor Who. CHANGE is the essence of Doctor Who.
    RTD knew well he was writing a FAMILY SHOW, and he was so good he produced a show for families but with a lot of (liberal) social and political sub-texts that could be appreciated by an adult audience.
    Mr. Moffat is a nerd who just can't develop characters (Amy has no depth at all, nor this Doctor. And I'm saying this thinking Matt Smith is an AMAZING actor who has nothing to work on to create his own version of the Doctor but a parody of what Tennant did).

  8. I'd like to thank all of the people above for insulting the intelligence of my wife and my 12 year old son, they may be idiots but at least they have manners and don't go around hurling insults and degrading people they don't know.

  9. All these people who complain it was too confusing really do baffle me; have they never watched drama or mystery on TV before? The final ep more or less baby walked everyone through what was going on, too; and gave a clear solution to the problem!

  10. Moffatblewit, "Amy has no depth"?? She got more depth in five minutes than any previous companion due to the quite frankly genius manner of her introduction. I do agree, though, that the regulars character arcs seem to have been floundering a bit whilst the focus has been on the big story. I can understand more casual viewers being confused, and do think that Let's Kill Hitler and Wedding of River Song were not for them. For me, I find them necessary and more intriguing than exciting in their own right. I can't wait for this "Doctor who?" think to play out for one. I don't think this series came out perfect, but in terms of the bigger picture I think Doctor Who is as strong as ever. And let's not forget that this is the series with the huge arc and complex story. That's what they did this year, and next year they'll do something else. I'd far rather this than sitting on their laurels with the same tricks over and over again. (*COUGH*RTD)

  11. I think it is not to complicated or to confusing. Actually it's quite the opposite. Only 3 episodes in this series were good – 'The girl who waited', 'Let's kill Hitler' and 'The Doctor's Wife'. Sorry, but everything else was boring.

    And the last episode … that was never ever a final ep for a series … come on. Shouldn't a finale be BIG and heroic and wonderful? To me it was 35 minutes non-sense about this parallel world ( even though it looked great, yeah ), and the rest were MISTAKES. Especially because River DOES know the Doctor's name earlier in his life. He would be dead for 2 series, if his name would be something that must never ever be said. – And if he died, it would be a paradox, because then he never could have told River who never could have said his name, so he wouldn't have died … and so on.

    Sorry, that's just crap and disappointing. It seems like – after Torchwood – DW is the second great show that's dieing.

  12. The Silence were trying to stop the Doctor answering "the oldest question, on the fields of Trenzalore at the fall of the Eleventh". So the answer at a particular place and time is the problem.

    And you assuming the Doctor has not yet told River his name. I think he has. We were never told that he told it at his wedding, all we know is "there's only one time I ever could".

    For me it wasn't confusing, the time out of order bit confuses my 8yo occasionally (he didn't /get/ that River was future River at the end), but generally he can follow it all. The logic pretty much holds together.

    My one big gripe of this series has been the handling of the baby Melody story-line – it's undercut the characters of Amy & Rory and made them seem a little unreal. A shame because I really like them – but I'm not sure they won't act out of character to suit the storyline again. *That* is more like bad soap opera than anything else I saw in Doctor Who ever.

  13. I don't understand how something can be hectic AND boring. Surely the thing about "hecticness" is it's sheer speed and too-ing and fro-ing. I've never sat down after a hectic day and said "Gosh, that mad, fast paced day was so boring."

  14. @honeyman:

    It can be boring if there is just stupid rushing without any sense. I think hectic and boring describes the final episode very good. They were always rushing, but nothing actually happened. Or at least nothing that was exciting or emotionally moving. There was just no 'depth' in most of the stories.

  15. @The6thDoctor – Stop playing the victim, the comments above were aimed at the people who wrote into PoV.

    These people are entitled to their opinion but the fact is an Appreciation Index of 86 plus high numbers and ratings throughout the series puts them in a very small minority.

    Everyone is entitled to their views, but if you don't like it the dont watch it. That goes double for "fans" who spew hateful language in forums and twitter every week because it doesn't conform to their rigid dogma of what the show should be.

    The show is made for the "not we", and by all metrics is doing very well.


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