It seems that the UK isn’t quite as enamoured of JOHN BARROWMAN as the BBC are. This is a clip of a show called POINTS OF VIEW where viewers get to air the grievances with the BEEB. Amusingly, they forgot to mention he appeared on a recent edition of READY, STEADY, COOK. And he’s on FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS this Friday (his section of the show will be posted here as soon as humanly possible). The above clip also alludes to the DOCTOR WHO versus EUROVISION debacle.


  1. Lol! “grinning idiot” Ouch! That’s hard. But I understand those people. I love John Barrowman, but enough is enough. In the end, we’ll get tired of him… And it looks like for some people, it’s already the case.

  2. BLOGTOR agrees, enough is enough.

    I saw five minutes of the kids show and I felt very sorry for him.

    Still, he is getting paid.

  3. Thats really quite ridiculous that people actually phone up about these things! just dont turn the telly on!! haha

  4. I know! Why bother wasting your time?

    The guy calls Torchwood torture so presumably he doesn’t watch it. How would JB affect him there?

    Some people!

  5. Heh, come to the US and compare him to the ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest. Big difference is that John Barrowman is out of the closet and has some talent.

  6. Miaow!

    I saw Rye~Rye do the Emmys and he was woeful. And his work on the Oscars red carpet and E! News are cringe~worthy at best.

    As you say, John Barrowman does have talent. I just wish he wouldn’t so cheaply display it.

    Still, beter him that someone who isn’t on Doctor Who.

  7. why slag of John barrowman?
    people don't have to watch him there are other channels or switch of tv I think
    This is very petty Think. John. Barrowman. Is Great he's a great actor singer so what if he's on tv a lot looking forward to
    Torch wood may be he's promoting that that's why he's on


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