Pluto TV and BBC Studios have partnered to bring American fans an entire channel dedicated to Doctor Who!

American streaming service Pluto TV have made a groundbreaking deal with BBC Studios to air Doctor Who in the US. The deal sees the creation of a special ‘pop up’ channel that will air all Doctor Who, all the time, available now. The new channel will air two hundred episodes of Doctor Who in rotation, and feature the adventures of the first seven Doctors.

Among the stories already confirmed as airing on the channel are

  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964)
  • Terror of the Autons (1971)
  • Planet of the Spiders (1974)
  • The Ark In Space (1975)
  • The Deadly Assassin (1976)
  • The Robots of Death (1977)
  • Earthshock (1982)
  • The Caves of Androzani (1984)

However, with two hundred episodes set to be included, representing about a third of all surviving 20th century Doctor Who, expect many more as well.  Whether further episodes will be added to the mix further on, or how long this ‘pop up’ channel will continue is unknown.

The new Doctor Who Classic channel will stream free in the United States, and supported by ads. American readers can find it at the  Pluto TV Doctor Who Classic channel page.

Pluto TV

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