Last Man On Earth Poster
Last Man On Earth Poster

‘Last Man on Earth’, a film short starring the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, will debut on the 28th May at the Supernova International Film Festival in Manchester.

Colin Baker in Last Man on Earth
Colin Baker in Last Man on Earth

The short film, which also features Nicole Gaskell and Serena Ryan, is a science fiction thriller set in Manchester. Baker stars as a virologist, Professor James Friedkin. Friedkin who convinces his young protégé to join him at a corporate biotech so they can search for a cure for cancer. But the feeling about this biotech is somewhat ominous, and the film short is described as “pre-apocalyptic.”

The idea and the writing intrigued and excited me,” says Baker. “And the idea of going to Manchester to film it excited me even more because that’s where I’m from,” he adds.

‘Last Man on Earth’ was crowdfunded on Indiegogo last year and raised over £10,000 towards filming expenses. Contributors even appeared in the short. The film is a co-production between Alt Angle Films, Jack the Lad Films and Elby Rose Productions.

Last Man on Earth

The short is directed by Darren Langlands, who says of Baker, “Colin was a pleasure to work with. He brought so much to the story and to the character of Friedkin.’ The short was filmed and Manchester and will premiere in the same city. ‘It’s been a long journey,’ said Langlands, “and to debut at a terrific up and coming genre festival in our home city is a real honour.” 

The Supernova International Film Festival is a sci-fi lover’s dream; it is devoted to sci-fi and fantasy cinema. Offerings this year include new films as well as screenings of classic like Aliens and 2001: A Space Odyssey. A new film featuring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Monnwalkers, debuts at the festival on 27th May.

The festival is to be held from 28th-30th May at Odeon Printworks in Manchester. The lineup and ticket information can be found at the website and for more info on the film check out the dedictated Facebook page,

Watch a brief clip of ‘Last Man On Earth’ below….


  1. I’m surprised they key the title given that there’s a popular and acclaimed TV series by that title running right now. I’ve already seen some confusion with people thinking Colin is guest starring on the TV show.


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