It’s Doctor Who day and episode one of series ten, The Pilot, has hit the airwaves!

You can read our review here, but we also want to know what you think. So we’ve hunted down your funniest, cleverest and most insightful reactions from Twitter.

The Reactions

Actor and presenter Christopher Johnson made a clever callback to the original pilot episode.

If Jenny’s any indication, the series got off to a good start.

Comic book artist Rachael Stott decried the imminent departure of Twelve and Bill as a duo.

Marcelina was repping for Donna, but forgot about Clara…just like the Doctor.

A lot of fans were cheering the return of the Capaldi gait.

BBC Studios brand manager Edward Russell spotted Twitter’s own way of celebrating series ten.

Jae Kay wasn’t sold on the plot but enjoyed Bill’s debut.

Meanwhile Amy’s predicting tomorrow’s tabloid outrage.

All hail Bill Potts indeed. Let’s make that a hashtag! Some felt that Bill and Heather needed more time together.

Whilst Ivan pointed out the significance of their names.

And Iqra sees another Doctor Who duo on the horizon.

But who can forget that trailer? Jonny noticed something familiar.

Oh and We loved it as well!!


  1. I really like your blog. I am concerned that a rarely see people comment on your stories. I want you to succeed. What is going on?

    I thought “The Pilot” started off a little slow but made up for it in the end. The scene where Bill first escapes in to the TARDIS was great. Seeing the Movellans fight the Daleks was pure fan service. Nardole is funny too. The show finally has a bit of humanity again with Clara being gone. Clara was such a drag.

    • Thank you. Not sure why we don’t get many comments but we appreciate your support. We are doing fine Thx.

      • Good to hear. I visit the site daily. I’ve been a Who fan since 1980. Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor. The new series started off great. Bill is a welcome addition to the TARDIS.

  2. OOOOhhhhhhh, comments.
    I too miss seeing people comment on our dear Doctors adventures.
    keep the site rolling, we will try to generate comments.
    love from Australia.


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