Peter Davison at MCM Comic Con June 2016 - Photo Credit Daniel Rice
Peter Davison at MCM Comic Con June 2016 – Photo Credit Daniel Rice

This spring’s MCM Comic Con was held on 27-29 May at London/s ExCeL Centre. The MCM Comic Con is held twice a year and features anime, science fiction, games, as well as a huge comics village for artists. There are many other exhibitors selling figures, toys, shirts, and collectables. The lineup included actors from the Big Bang Theory, Jesse Eisenberg, Marvel, plenty of panels, Game of Thrones, and cosplay. There were several special guests from the Doctor Who world, such as Sophie Aldred, who played Ace, Warwick Davis, beloved as Porridge, and Hugh Spight, who appeared as the Black Dalek.

Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor was also in attendance where he signed hundreds of autographs and met with fans for hours for three days, and graciously took time to answer a few questions from Blogtor Who.

When asked how it felt to be appear as the youngest Doctor (before Matt Smith in the rebooted Who), Davison replied thoughtfully, ‘I followed William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker. I felt a little out of place, a little young. Now’ (Davison paused and pointed to his face) ‘now I feel much more in place!’ Davison recalled how he had to ‘break into the BBC‘ to get a role in the 50th Anniversary special, referring to the hilarious  Five(ish) Doctors Reboot video that Davison wrote and directed.

When asked if what he would do if he had to write an actual episode of Doctor Who, Davison paused and laughed’. Why, I have absolutely no idea!’

Then the Fifth Doctor returned to the waiting crowd, ready to meet more fans.

This year’s MCM Comic Con hosted a record-breaking 133,000 visitors. The next London MCM Comic Con will be held on 28-30 October. See the MCM Comic Con portal  for the upcoming dates in many cities, such as Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, and Hannover. Davison will appear again at the upcoming MCM Comic Con in Ireland.



photo to follow. Credit to Daniel Rice


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