Peter Davison and Ty Tennant will be joining David Tennant and Michael Sheen when Good Omens returns this summer

As first picked up by the Radio Times, former Doctor Who star Peter Davison has quietly added Good Omens Season 2 to his official resume. And he’s not the only one. His grandson Ty Tennant also lists the Neil Gaiman penned sequel on his CV. Of course, something else links the two: Good Omens star, and current Doctor, David Tennant, who plays the not-so-evil demon Crowley alongside Michael Sheen’s angelic Arizaphale.

There’s been no official publicity about their casting beyond these updated resumes and Neil Gaiman retweeting the news story. So we still know little about how the two will fit into the latest does of apocalyptic comedy. All we know is that Davison is playing a character called Alistair and the younger Tennant one called Ennon. Though could there be a hint in that some of the lesser read ancient Greek translations of the Bible Ennon is the son of Job? We already know that the second series acts covers a wide time frame. Some of the action takes place after Season One’s averted Armageddon. But as with the original, we also flashback across the millennia Crowley and Arizaphale has spent on Earth. So an encounter with Job and Ennon isn’t the most unlikely thing.

It would even fit with a “family photo from behind the scenes” Gaiman shared which, despite having the heads cut off, in retrospect looks like it might well be the two Tennants and Davison in ancient desert robes. Though that would fit better with Davison playing Job himself.

Neil Gaiman's Tumblr previously teased what now seems to be Tennant and Davison's roles (c) Neil Gaiman Good Omens Crowley Ty Tennant Peter Davison Job Ennon David Tennant Crowley
Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr previously teased what now seems to be Tennant and Davison’s roles (c) Neil Gaiman

Good Omens Season Two builds on the story outline of the never finished

With the bulk of filming on Good Omens having finished several months ago, and a premiere date sometime this summer, it’s also unclear if Davison and Tennant filmed their roles some time ago. Alternatively, they may be smaller parts that were late additions to the filming schedule. Either way, it’s fun to see that the new series will be such a family affair.

This original Good Omens adapted the cult classic novel written early in the careers of world famous authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. For the follow up’s scripts, Gaiman has drawn on the plot outline for a sequel novel that never was. The story was developed by the two, but which they never quite found the time to actually write. As such even for the biggest fans of the original book, exactly what we expect from Season Two is an exciting mystery. But it’s a secret that’s only a few months away from being solved when the show returns to Amazon Prime.



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