The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw
Earlier today, Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi was a guest on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and chatted about Jenna Coleman’s unexpected last
Doctor Who scene and Maisie Williams teasing him with Game of Thrones spoilers. You can listen to the full interview with Capaldi HERE where he discussed:

•  The unexpected story line around Jenna Coleman’s departure from Doctor Who, how she has already filmed her last scene, and how he was very sad to see her go

•  What it’s like working with Maisie Williams, and how she is always trying to ruin Game Of Thrones for him, teasing him with show spoilers

•  The sonic glasses and the possible return of the sonic screwdriver to the show

You can listen back here: (Starts at 2:23:46) This week’s Doctor Who ep, The Zygon Inversion, airs at 8pm on BBC One this Saturday.


  1. Not sure why people are making a deal of her having filmed her last scene. Production wrapped a couple months ago. Even if she hangs on for the Christmas special that's done too. You'd think that was obvious.


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