Yesterday at 3:35pm GMT, fans could ask Peter Capaldi anything via the official Doctor Who Twitter @bbcdoctorwho.

As the countdown to Christmas continues, sharing that ticking time is the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special titled ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’. Anticipation is high as the program introduces whirlwind superheroes after facing a year off-screen. However, the next episodes details are thin and spoilers are tightly under wraps. Luckily, twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi offered a peek behind the teaser curtain. Capaldi can introduce himself. After all, he is The Doctor.

Alongside the return of The Doctor and his TARDIS, Nardole will be bouncing back into Doctor Who also. Nardole, played by Little Britain star Matt Lucas, was an instant favourite after last year’s Christmas special ‘The Husbands of River Song’. Though the character hasn’t been seen in a year like the rest, this will be his second consecutive appearance. Consequently, Capaldi’s question and answer session soon targeted the subject of Lucas and his on-set demeanour. According to Capaldi, Lucas looks to be in the perfect position to deliver some Christmas comedy.

Of course, talk of the upcoming special only continued! To describe any of The Doctor’s adventures in three words seems an almost impossible task, and one fan decided to request this of Capaldi. After all, the Christmas specials are notoriously multi-dimensional. To balance a sense of threat against an undercurrent of festive celebration is no doubt like patting your head and rubbing your tummy all at the same time. Still, Capaldi gave it a crack in quantifying what the 2016 Christmas special might look like in three words.

After talk of what is yet to come, questions would inevitably turn to the past. It is well documented that Peter Capaldi was an avid fan of Doctor Who growing up. After all, he even went as far as to write to the show and its many fan outlets. This time, one lucky fan got the answer to a belter of a question: what drew you to the Doctor Who universe as a child? The answer is yet another bizarre twist of fate for Capaldi, to the point where one might consider whether similar concepts to the ‘Bad Wolf’ conundrum has real world applications!

Excitement is undoubtedly in the air for Doctor Who’s latest offering, and Capaldi is as keen as ever to share his enthusiasm with the fans. The 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special looks set to be as thrilling as the specials that came before it, with a stellar cast and festive themes throughout. Capaldi ended some of his video snippets with questions of his own, and these are worth contemplating too.

If you’d like to look at the other questions Capaldi answered, visit the official Doctor Who twitter feed 

And you can catch the Doctor Who Christmas Special – The Return of Doctor Who Mysterio on Christmas Day at 5:45pm on BBC One and on BBC America at 8/9c.


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