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Peter Capaldi – The Sunday Times interview [UPDATE]

UK newspaper The Sunday Times has included a “Galactic Exclusive” – an interview with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi and a special photoshoot. Check out the highlights of the piece below and click on the images included here for bigger versions.

UPDATE: Read the full interview at the bottom of this post.

On a romance with Clara: “There’ll be no flirting, that’s for sure. It’s not what this Doctor is concerned with. It’s quite a fun relationship but I did call and say, ‘I want no Papa-Nicole moments.’ There was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant.”

On The Doctor’s costume: “I think it’s quite a hard look. I always wanted him to be in black – I always just saw The Doctor in dark colours. Not tweed. Matt’s a really young cool guy – he can wear anything, but I wanted to strip it back and be very stark.”
On a costume that didn’t make the grade: “The most ridiculous outfit, the one I loved, I
looked like Count Arthur Strong with a real, old cardigan.”

On the Cybermen, he says: “I’m trying to get the Mondasians back.”

On the upcoming plots: “We still blow a lot of shit up. That’s very important, but it’s going to be a bit different from what we’ve seen over recent years. A bit more gravity. Some situations are a bit more sombre and I think there are more rooted dramatic scenes…. we have another level of drama, another tone. And the scenes are longer.”

The interviewer also reveals that a special a signet ring has been constructed to hide Peter’s own wedding ring.

 Photography by Paul Stuart 


  1. I'm feeling encouraged lately. I think the show is going to improve very dramatically in the next few weeks. At least, I'm keeping everything crossed…

    • Tell me about it Simon
      I wanted to give the link to some of my fandoms but Your have to subscribe to the paper first. not fair to those who don't get the paper… Especially when you are not from Britain

  2. Long scenes are REALLY intriguing me. They seem to be the trend, at the minute. I was always taught no longer than a page a scene, but increasingly, particularly in acclaimed drama, we're getting these huge, multi-page monologues, carried by the intrigue of the plot and the charisma of the actors. Quite like that Doctor Who's taking a similar tack.

  3. Seems as though the 12th Doctor will be a much more collaborative affair between the lead actor and the production and writing team. Capaldi has such a clear idea of who is Doctor is and who he isn't that it appears he has already shifted the show towards the direction which suits this vision.

    The most encouraging thing in the entire article is the move to stronger story telling with greater structure and longer scenes. No more of the video game style of television we have seen recently.

    This all sounds wonderful to me!

  4. A bit more dramatic tension and a bit less of a feeling that the Doctor can "sonic" his way out of anything (either via the screwdriver or just by shouting) would be most welcome. The more we believe he's really in danger and actually scared himself, the better it will work. Take the Doctor's reaction to the Dalek emerging from the Time Cabinet in "Evil of the Daleks" as a good example of how to make the audience feel scared.

  5. This interview made me laugh out loud when it called Mark Gatiss the best writer… wow. He's arguably the worst, on average, that continues to write for them.

  6. I wish the 12th Doctor the best, but am very sad to see Matt Smith leave. He brought incredible depth, humanity, compassion, amazing acting,and wit to the 11th Doctor. He showed us a character of many facets and contradictions, capable of real heroism with a light touch. i've seen every Dr. Who, but the 11th is the one it feels impossible to say good bye to, and I do hope he can sometimes return to the show as a Guest. I mean, it's Dr. Who, anything is possible, right? All that said, I hope things go well for Peter Capaldi.


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