I have thoroughly enjoyed Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor.  He has been grumpy, annoying, clever, pedantic and unexpected. Who can forget his ride on a tank playing the Doctor Who theme while wearing sonic shades?  As his hair become more out of control, his mastery of the role grew.  He was a stellar Doctor.  One of my favourites.  Besides, how can I not like someone who also loves Ziggy Stardust?  (Bowie still holds the top place on my favourite concert list but that is another story altogether).

Anyway back to the matter at hand, my favourite Peter Capaldi experience is a personal one. My family went to Janet Fielding’s Motormouth 3 convention in Slough.  Janet is the ultimate insider had staged an event that headlined Peter Capaldi.

I often describe the event as the day my daughter met both the actor Peter Capaldi and the Twelfth Doctor.  He is a great ambassador of the show but most particularly with children. My daughter was one of the first children to get her picture taken.  She was young and she was more than a bit nervous about what to do.  As she approached, Mr. Capaldi, who at the time towered over her, dropped to his knee, ostensibly to tie his shoelaces.  He was now at the same height as a young, anxious little girl.

“Do you know how to tie your own shoes?”  She didn’t at the time.  So the line was held up while he showed her how to tie shoelaces.  She now was charmed and beaming from ear to ear.  As they lined up to take the pictures, Peter Capaldi dropped to one knee again but this time for the pictures.  A bit of comical laughter ensued when she followed suit.  After a few more seconds of explanation that she needed to stand, a gorgeous picture of a beaming young girl and Peter Capaldi was taken.  There was grumbling and a bit of annoyance from the crowds that the line-up wasn’t going fast enough, but Peter Capaldi took precious time with my daughter and all of the other children there that day.

That wasn’t the end of the day.  She did queue up for the signatures, where much to everyone’s laughter again, my now confident daughter announced, “I don’t know if you remember me Mr. Capaldi, but I had my picture taken with you.  Can you sign this for me, please?” But the particular special part was during the Q&A with Peter Capaldi.  With some prodding from Peter, the moderator from Tenth Planet asked all the children to sit at the front of the stage on the floor.  The best seats in the house.  And after the standard list of questions from the moderator were answered, questions from the children were taken.

My daughter had her hand straight up and the highest.  She was asked for the first question.  “How does the TARDIS work?” There was a transformation of actor and in front of everyone was the Twelfth Doctor.

“The TARDIS is mysterious and magical.  And sometimes, it’s best to keep the magic.”

It is something my daughter still remembers today. The day Peter Capaldi became her Doctor.

Peter Capaldi Signed
Peter Capaldi Signed