A new audiobook released this week sees Peter Capaldi return to the world of Watership Down

Fresh from playing Kehaar the Seagull in the recent animated adaptation, Peter Capaldi reads Richard Adams’ novel in a new audiobook from Blackstone Audio. The new edition is directed by Doctor Who’s own Barnaby Edwards and is being released as a tie-in to the recent BBC version.

Watership Down tells the story of a group of rabbits forced to leave their home due to human destruction. Their epic trek to find a place of refuge leads them into conflict with the vicious General Woundwort. As war breaks out between them and Woundwort’s rival warren, who will survive? Peter Capaldi was, of course, the Twelfth Doctor. He’s also an established audiobook performer, having read works as diverse as Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory, Daphne Du Maurier’s The Birds, and the forthcoming Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Smile writer Frank Cottrell Boyce.

You can listen to a free preview through Amazon Audible.


The co ver of Watership Down, read by Peter Capaldi (c) Blackstone Audio
The co ver of Watership Down, read by Peter Capaldi (c) Blackstone Audio

Watership Down

One of the most beloved novels of our time, Watership Down is an epic journey, a stirring tale of adventure, courage, and survival.

Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible was going to happen to the warren; he felt sure of it. They had to leave immediately. So begins a long and perilous journey of survival for a small band of rabbits.

As the rabbits skirt danger at every turn, we become acquainted with the band, its humorous characters, and its compelling culture, complete with its own folk history and mythos. Fiver’s vision finally leads them to Watership Down, an upland meadow. But here they face their most difficult challenges of all.

A stirring epic of courage and survival against the odds, Watership Down has become a beloved classic for all ages. Both an exciting adventure story and an involving allegory about freedom, ethics, and human nature, it has delighted generations with its unique and charming world, winning many awards and being adapted to film, television, and theater.


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