Peter Capadi - BBC Radio 2 - 8th March 2016 (c) BBC
Peter Capadi – BBC Radio 2 – 8th March 2016 (c) BBC


Peter Capaldi continues his round of interviews for the launch of the Series 9 DVD this week with an appearance on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, where he told listeners he’ll be around “as long as it’s right to be around.”

Kicking off with the fact that he took over the role of the Doctor in 2013 (is it really that long ago!) Petey-C tells Steve Wright that he talked to Matt Smith and David Tennant before taking on the role and both former Doctors warned him of the level of visibility that comes with playing everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan Time Lord.

Capaldi is in no doubt about the role, however, saying

I think it’s the best job on the telly.”

His excitement about the show and how it’s made is palpable and he even reveals his favourite enemy of the Doctor as well as a fun fact about the Mexican version of Doctor Who.

Capaldi and Wright talk about Jenna Coleman as Clara before speculating about the new companion. “It’s going to be someone very different” and “The dynamic will be very different” Capaldi reveals.

Giving absolutely nothing away to satisfy a fandom that’s dying to know, Capaldi adeptly avoids Wright’s speculation about whether the new companion will be a non-woman or a non-human.

There’s some interesting talk about the way that the Twelfth Doctor has evolved as a character over the two series that Capaldi’s been in the role and the broad range of Doctor Who‘s audience.

When asked about how long he sees himself playing the Doctor, Capaldi says’

“I love being Doctor Who…so I will be around as long as it’s right to be around.”

Let’s hope that’s a fair bit longer yet.

Click here to listen to the full interview. Starts around 1 hour 40 minutes. May be region locked.


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  1. I really like Capaldi as the Doctor even though some of his stories have been lackluster. I don’t balme him for that though. He could be one of the best Doctors in the end when it’s all said and done. I am really hoping that he’ll be around for a few more years and I love the fact that for once (being 45 years old myself)that there’s an older Doctor to watch.

  2. I think that Capaldi will stay for series 11 and leave at the end of that. I also believe that Chris Chibnall will only stay for 1 series so series 12 we will have another show runner and a new Doctor. I think Chibnall is only an interim show runner. He has form of only sticking about for 1 season in all his other shows this will be no different. He may not be able to handle the fickle DW fans.


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