Last week Peter Capaldi chatted with BBC’s Sophie Raywood. The interview aired The Andrew Marr show this morning. The two discussed the Christmas special – Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio – and superheroes and Mrs. May’s love of Doctor Who.  Mr. Capaldi put in his desire for a bit more kindness for this holiday season.   Let’s all hope the Doctor gets his wishes this year.

The interview is available on iPlayer under The Andrew Marr Show for the next 29 days.

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi: This is the first time the Doctor is dealing with somebody else who can save the planet.  Usually that’s his job.  Superheroes now-a-days seem to be rather dark characters and films embedded with CGI orgies of destructions.  This one hankers more back to the Christopher Reeves Superman kind of movies that were funny and ironic and witty.

Sophie Raywood: There’s a wonderful humour to it.  Matt Lucas is in it.  It has a more lighter touch from some of the past episodes.

PC: I think the Christmas Day episode has a special role to fill.  I think a lot of the time there are people that don’t normally watch Doctor Who watch.  It becomes rather like a tradition.  It provides a nostalgic reminder to people that don’t watch the show that it is still around and reminds them of their childhood.  There’s still the TARDIS. There’s still monsters and there’s still a mysterious man who operates the TARDIS.   It is quite a responsibility to carry this tradition.

SR: You’ve even got the likes of the Prime Minister who says she’s looking forward to seeing it.   And you’ve got plenty of famous fans.

PC:   Yes it was quite a surprise that she’s (Theresa May) was so keen on it.   I hope she takes this message of tolerance, kindness and compassion to heart.

SR: You talk about responsibility and it is a huge responsibility playing the role.  You’ve been doing it for three years now.  The impact must be huge.  I was in Doctor Who for all of 15 seconds and I couldn’t believe the number of letters I got as a result.  People were saying you were in Doctor Who, I have to have your autograph.  So to be the Doctor the attention you get must be enormous

PC: Yeah but it is very nice.  It a unique position to be in.  There are only 12 people that have played this role and you become the focus of the affection for the role.  You stand on the shoulders of everybody else who played the Doctor.  They’ve done all the work. I just turn up and look alarmed or be excited and blow up a Dalek here and there.   It is a change in your life.

Peter Capaldi and Sophie Raywood on The Andrew Marr Show 18 Dec 2016
Peter Capaldi and Sophie Raywood on The Andrew Marr Show 18 Dec 2016

SR: It must be quite intrusive.  You’re so distinctive and you must get people coming up to you all the time…..

PC:  You mean funny looking?

SR: No, I don’t mean that at all just very distinctive.   You must get people coming up to you the whole time and …

PC: People are very nice, actually. I think it is something about the character.  The Doctor is a good thing in the world.   And people feel a deep affection for whatever Doctor it was they grew up with.  And you are sort like the Wizard of Oz or something.  Sometimes I walk into a room and there will be some kids there and they’ll gasp.  That is wonderful feeling.  Can you imagine how lovely that is to have such affection pointed in your direction?  And they don’t ask very much of you.   They just like to see you and for you to say “Hello” to them, and smile at them.

SR: There was a report I saw last year that you had to move house because you had people on your doorstep.  Is that true?

PC: Well I lived next to the park and the ice cream van used park right outside my house. There used to be queue of kids there.  We moved just before my Doctor Who’s came out and I knew that wasn’t going to be a great place and that I would be very exposed there.  My attitude about it is that I didn’t want it to change my life, much.  But it does.  In as much as my private life goes, it remains much the same.  But when I go out into the world, I can’t hide.  I don’t’ want to escape the idea that I’m Doctor Who. And it is finite.  I won’t be Doctor Who forever.   There will be a day when people don’t come and say hello.

SR: When’s that going to be?

PC:  Not for a long time, I hope.   (Big Smile)

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

The Doctor returns on Christmas day with Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio, airing at 5:45 pm on BBC One and 8/9c on BBC America.

The special is written by Steven Moffat, Executive Produced by Brian Minchin, Produced by Peter Bennett and Directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). It was shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

Pre-order your copy of this year’s special on Amazon.



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