Paul McGann, The Eighth Doctor, was interviewed by New Zealand radio station NewsTalkZB and it was posted it on their website, ZBTV – watch his interview in the player below. During his chat he talks about the Peter Jackson “rumours”, Christopher Eccleston and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (“He’s probably reluctant to get involved”) and his possible own involvement in it – “Being actors anyway, they’ll call us on the Friday and say you’re starting on the Monday.”


  1. In the interest of clarification and accuracy, ZBTV is not a television station but rather the video section of the web site for New Zealand radio station NewsTalkZB.

  2. Having the Eighth Doctor put in appearance in the 50th anniversary special is right there at the top of my wish list. Much as I love Ten, I'd have been massively surprised if he wasn't going to show up – seeing Eight again would make my year 🙂

  3. I just don't understand why Moffat refuses to include any Doctors prior to the reboot. I also don't understand why there is no out cry from fans. Are we whovians blinded by the razzle dazzle of bright lights and bells and whistles the reboot provides? I say "Doctor in Distress ". As Tom Baker said in the classic City of Death "Is no one interested in history?"

    • I'm betting that Doctors 5-9 show up. They're being deliciously coy about it, everyone – The Beeb, the actors themselves. At least this is my sincerest desire. Hopefully time will prove I'm correct.

  4. He's my favourite big finish doctor and we got to explore him more through a huge amount of bbc novels before new who. for this he remains high in my top doctors list.

  5. He's a pretty decent Doctor I think, he wasn't really the shortest running though if you count the audio plays.


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