Actor Paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor) is to appear in an upcoming installment of the popular BBC series, New Tricks. McGann stars in Episode 6 which airs on BBC One, August 8. Click on the pictures below for bigger versions.

Thanks to BBC Pictures

Paul McGann in Luther
Peter Davison in New Tricks
15 Years On: Remembering the TV Movie
Paul McGann in Waking The Dead
The Revisitation Box – Paul McGann audition
McCoy & McGann team up for new audio


  1. 5736.7 Rassilon Era (290)
    Wednesday, 19th of August, 6027 Anno Mundi Vulgaris
    Dies Mercurii, 21st of Julius, 2764 Ab Urbe Condita
    Wednesday, 3rd of August, 2011 Common Era
    @ 3:50 Universal Time Coordinated.

    Since, According to Spock, the species from Vulcan are Vulcanian
    then the species from Gallifrey are Gallifreynian!!
    NOT "Time Lords"!!
    "Time Lord" might be a Gallifreyan caste or Class or Title.
    My bet is on Title!!
    "Behavior unbecoming that of a Time Lord".
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    Doesn;t Paul McGann ("The Eight Doctor") look great!!
    He looks like he just stepped out of a T.A.R.D.I.S.!!
    They should give him at least 14 episodes!!
    Thank you and Allons-y!!
    The Professor Dalen Rune.


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