It is with deep sadness that BlogtorWho reports the death of actor Paul Darrow.

Today a spokesperson confirmed the death of actor Paul Darrow following a short illness. The Surrey born actor appeared in two Doctor Who stories. In 1970 he appeared as Captain Sam Hawkins in Doctor Who and the Silurians. Investigating the strange power losses at Wenley Moor he suffered an unfortunate end at the hands of a Silurian. Fifteen years later Darrow appeared opposite the Sixth Doctor Colin Baker in Timelash. This second appearance was set far away from present day Earth. On the planet Karfel, Tekker was an assistant to the Maylin before taking on the role himself. Unfortunately, the character met another untimely end at the hands of a villainous creature, this time the Borad.

Blake’s 7 – Avon (Paul Darrow) (c) BBC

Blake’s 7

Paul Darrow will however be best remembered as Kerr Avon in popular BBC Sci-Fi series Blake’s 7. A highly intelligent computer expert, Avon was introduced in the second episode of the series by former Dalek creator Terry Nation. Avon would go on to appear in all the remaining episodes of the show’s four seasons. Darrow’s performance made for fascinating viewing. Avon was mysterious. An air of the psychopathic combined with an acidic wit. His interactions with archvillainess Servalan also made for electric television. In the dramatic climax to the finale, Blake, Avon is the last one seen standing. Smiling with bodies at his feet as the credits begin to roll. Unsurprisingly, such was the strength of his performance, Darrow would feel permanently associated with the character even after the series had ended.

Blake’s 7: Erebus by Paul Darrow

Darrow would go onto reprise the role of Avon for Big Finish Productions in a series of new Blake’s 7 audio adventures. He would also write one of the stories, Erebus, which formed an instalment of Crossfire: Part Two. Darrow had previously authored his autobiography, You’re Him, Aren’t You?, which he later also narrated for release as an audiobook. Big Finish shared the sad news of his passing on their Twitter account earlier.

Away from science fiction, Darrow also appeared in over 200 television shows including The SaintZ Cars and Little Britain. He was also the ‘voice’ of British radio network, JACKfm, for over a decade. Darrow was equally versatile on stage appearing with most of the leading repertory theatres, including four seasons at the Bristol Old Vic and London’s West End. His passing will be sorely missed by those in the acting community.

BlogtorWho extends our thoughts to Paul Darrow’s family and friends at this difficult time.


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