Celebrated Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell has contributed a new short story for the strand of new lockdown content

Paul Cornell will be very familiar to many fans from his two highly regarded television stories. Both 2005’s Father’s Day and 2007’s Human Nature/The Family of Blood are often cited as highlights of the show. Together they push to new heights the emotionality that can be brought to Doctor Who. But for another generation, he has another legacy. In the 1990s New Adventures he was one of the defining voices of Doctor Who prose. These days he concentrates on his own original characters these days. But Cornell has stepped back into the Doctor’s world for a new story of the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam.

The Shadow Passes is the latest in a series of new fiction the past few weeks. And Cornell joins the likes of Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall and Pete McTighe in contributing. In this adventure, the Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan find themselves on a seemingly deserted planet. But soon they realize everyone has been forced to stay home to stay safe and avoid a deadly threat. It’s a tale of passing the seemingly endless hours, while learning about each other and ourselves. As such, it’s a timely reflection of our current lives. Because, more than anything, it reminds us that the shadow does pass.

The Shadow Passes by Paul Cornell

“Shortly after, the Doctor fixed all their phones so they could follow stuff from home and added lots of games to them too, though a lot of them didn’t make much sense. The prospect of being shut up in here with her slowly changed from, as Ryan had put it in a whisper, ‘like being stuck in a lift with a bee’ to something a lot more relaxing. Yaz watched, fascinated, as she changed how she acted, almost every hour, just happening to start telling a relaxing, funny story as the night arrived, or turning out her pockets to find miniaturised books. Every now and then she would take herself off for a brisk walk around the room with one or the other of them when they needed to vent or just needed the exercise.”


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