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P.R.O.B.E. Returns! BBV Productions Introduces Audiobook Range

P.R.O.B.E. returns for more audio action (c) BBV Productions
P.R.O.B.E. returns for more audio action (c) BBV Productions

The Audio Adventures in Time & Space return in P.R.O.B.E.: Audiobooks, narrated by Bill Baggs

The BBV Productions series centres around the new PROBE team, led by Liz Shaw’s protege Giles, as they explore the world of the paranormal. Some of these tales tell us how the members of the new PROBE team came to join the organisation. Meanwhile others give an insight into Giles’ mysterious past, and feature encounters with familiar faces from the world of Doctor Who.

BBV Productions have been producing audios and videos since 1991. PROBE, a private organization investigating the strange, uncanny, and unexplained were originally introduced in 1994’s The Zero Imperative. Originally led by former Doctor Who companion Dr. Liz Shaw (Caroline John), the new incarnation of PROBE follows the adventures of the next generation of investigators.

Among the first stories in the new PROBE range are

9 to 5

Before PROBE Tasha’s life was boring. Her influential father passed her from job to job, just to keep her out of trouble. Currently Tasha works in Digitisation with a boss she hates. Could it get any worse? Throw in an alien lifeform and a ponytailed stranger and it just might!


Giles and Liz investigate a conspiracy behind the global lockdown.

Sherwood Sorcerous

Giles helps Liz save a kidnapped child.

The Door We Forgot

Can Giles, Sir Bedevere, Tasha, Maxie and Agamya defeat a malicious presence feeding on their regrets, or will guilt swallow them whole?

Other titles coming soon include Broken Bonds, A Worthy Successor (featuring the Cyberons), and She Came from Another World!

BBV Productions is committed to releasing new content monthly. Any purchases made through their website will help fund future projects.

This month also sees the release of the previously announced JNT: Uncut, the complete and unedited interview with former Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner. This, and many more releases, are available from bbvproductions.co.uk



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