Doctor Who Magazine have revealed the details of their latest Special Edition issue, which will give readers an in-depth insight into the show’s costume design throughout its history.

The latest Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition focuses the spotlight on the ingenious and talented costume designers who have contributed to Doctor Who over the past fifty-five years. Few other television programmes present their production team with such enormous challenges. Any given episode sets them the task of bringing any moment in all of time and space to life. It’s hard to deny that their success is due in large part to the show’s costume designers. Their work is an integral element of Doctor Who‘s ability to create convincing and visually stunning worlds for the Doctor and their companions to explore every week.

This Special Edition issue is set to feature a whole host of rare and previously unpublished illustrations, which show how an episode’s look evolves from sketch to screen. It also contains exclusive interviews with a number of designers from across Doctor Who‘s history. These include a number of important contributors to the show’s classic era, such as:

  • Lee Bender (owner of the Bus Stop boutique, which supplied outfits for Sarah Jane Smith)
  • June Hudson (designer of the Fourth Doctor’s final outfit and numerous costumes for
  • Barbara Lane (The Claws of Axos, The Dæmons, The Curse of Peladon etc)
  • Amy Roberts (Image of the Fendahl, Full Circle, The Keeper of Traken etc)
  • Alexandra Tynan (The Tenth Planet, The Highlanders, The Evil of the Daleks etc)

Readers will also be treated to exclusive interviews with costume designers who have worked on Doctor Who since 2005, including:

  • Ray Holman (designer of the Eleventh and Thirteenth Doctor’s costumes, and Doctor Who’s current costume designer)
  • Lucinda Wright (designer of Christopher Eccleston’s series as the Ninth Doctor)
  • Howard Burden (designer of the Twelfth Doctor’s costume)

As well as hearing from the costume designers themselves, this issue sees Doctor Who Magazine speak to the stars who have worn their creations. Readers can expect to hear from a number of familiar figures from the show’s history, such as:

  • Sophie Aldred (Ace)
  • Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant)
  • Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint)
  • Anneke Wills (Polly)

Doctor Who Magazine editor Marcus Hearn has said:

“I don’t think there’s ever been such a detailed and comprehensive look at the series’ costume design. Much of the new research for this issue was led by Piers Britton, who has an unrivalled knowledge of the subject and the kind of insight that makes you look at familiar episodes in a whole new light.

Dr Britton looms large in this issue, but the whole team has done a fantastic job – other highlights include a rarely seen interview with the late Colin Lavers, who designed the Fifth Doctor’s costume, and a new interview with Barbara Lane. This is the first time Barbara has spoken about her work on the series since the mid-1970s, so we were delighted when we tracked her down.

We’ve uncovered so much new information and so many fantastic images – we can’t wait to share it all with everyone!”

Doctor Who Magazine: Special Edition – Costume Design will be available to purchase from Thursday 18th April, priced at £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine - Special Edition - Costume Design (Cover)
Doctor Who Magazine – Special Edition – Costume Design (Cover)


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