Captain Jack is back! And pregnant! And it’s not even Ianto’s…

The latest in Big Finish Productions monthly range of Torchwood adventures is out today. Unlike the ongoing boxset range, these single releases can be set any time along the Doctor Who spin-off’s tangled history. From the reign of Queen Victoria to it existence as the Torchwood Archive in the distant future. But Torchwood: Expectant is set during its most classic era. And so this is an untold story of when Jack Harkness and his team were Cardiff’s greatest defenders. And congratulations are in order, because Jack’s having a baby.

The Empress of the Yalnix need a host to carry her heir to term. But she’s short on people she trusts. In fact there’s only one person she wants for the job. Captain Jack Harkness. But the Yalnix have their enemies. Soon a heavily pregnant Jack must go on the run to save his charge, his city and the world. But not to worry, as the antenatal antihero also has his best buddy and birth partner Ianto Jones along for the ride (a special guest appearance by Gareth David-Lloyd). 

Scott Handcock, who’s directed this adventure remembers that, “back in the very first episode of Torchwood, we learned that Captain Jack has once been pregnant and people have been curious about that reference ever since. Well, this isn’t that story – some things are best left shrouded in mystery. Instead, this is the story of Jack acting as surrogate for the next Ruler of the Yalnix Empire and provides John Barrowman with some of his most challenging material yet”

The Big Finish director also notes, as you may have guessed, that this is one of Torchwood’s… sillier outings. “It’s a madcap script from Xanna Eve Chown – full of life and energy – and a charmingly ridiculous romp as we hit the Christmas season!”

Torchwood: Expectant, from the world of Doctor Who, is available now as a collector’s edition CD at £9.99 or on download at £7.99 from

Torchwood: Expectant

The Yalnix Empire is a fragile alliance of a dozen systems, under constant attack from their ancient enemy, the Vad. With the Empress unable to trust any of her court she gives the job of growing the next Ruler of the Yalnix to an old friend – Captain Jack Harkness.

With hunters on the loose and a battlefleet in orbit, Cardiff’s suddenly became a dangerous place for a man to be pregnant.

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.


Torchwood: Expectant is available now as a collector’s edition CD at £9.99 or on download from the Big Finish website at £7.99.  


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