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OUT NOW: Missy Series 2 – More Madness from Doctor Who’s Archest Enemy

The cover to Missy Series 2, featuring Dan Starkey, Michelle Gomez, Rufus Hound and Gina McKee (c) Big Finish Productions

Missy Returns in four new adventures of crime and villainy across space and time

Michelle Gomez is back! The Master’s most deliciously malicious incarnation has returned to Big Finish for another dose of audio mayhem. In the first Missy boxset last year, (currently 33% off at the Big Finish site) Doctor Who’s archest enemy spent time as a Victorian nanny who was “mostly marvellous in every manner.” Along the way she faced fellow renegade Time Lord the Monk (Rufus Hound), as well as Time Agents and a good old fashioned serial killer.

This time around the Meddling Monk is out for revenge for their last encounter, while Strax (Dan Starkey) arrives from Paternoster Row to pit his wits against her. Also joining the cast, and making her Big Finish debut, is BAFTA-winning actor Gina McKee. The well known actor has dozens of high profile credits to her name, including Our Friends in the North and The Lair of the White Worm opposite Doctor Who’s Chistopher Eccleston and Peter Capaldi respectively. In Missy she plays a character that appears to know Missy just a little too well…


Gina McKee (second from right) with some of her Missy co-stars (l-r) Beth Chalmers, Eve Webster, Matthew Jacobs-Morgan, and John Banks (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who
Gina McKee (second from right) with some of her Missy co-stars (l-r) Beth Chalmers, Eve Webster, Matthew Jacobs Morgan, and John Banks (c) Big Finish Productions

Gina McKee joins the Big Finish family

On entering the Doctor Who universe McKee said: “I really enjoy listening to things on the radio. And it’s great when you can give enough space for everybody’s imagination to make the pictures, but also give enough information to help those pictures be created. 

“You have a different toolkit, if you like. I feel like I’m trying to work out what that toolkit is, really. I like the challenge of that. I love to know how you can push it, and what’s technique and what’s instinct.”

Describing her character as “terribly, terribly nice and sweet and good,” McKee noted she’s “the polar opposite to Missy.”

Missy herself, Michelle Gomez, meanwhile is happy to be back into the evil Time Lady’s patent leather heels. “Across the board, everybody has loved the opportunity these audio adventures have given them to keep Missy alive, so that’s been really heartening. It’s been so sweet and lovely. So I’ve been filled up with that. 

“The listeners have just really enjoyed her adventures, and they’re on the ride, and well done to Big Finish for providing it.”

Michelle Gomez recording Missy Series Two (c) Big Finish Productions

From the Worlds of Doctor Who: Missy Series Two

Missy… alone, unleashed and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around?

Now she has what she wants, Missy needs someone to show off to. But her temporal mischief attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Infuriating children, a vacationing Sontaran and her own worst intentions will get in her way. And a Meddling Monk, out for revenge…


The four simply sublime adventures in this brilliant new box set are as follows:

The Lumiat by Lisa McMullin

Missy is glorying in the chaos, hoping that a certain someone might turn up. What she doesn’t expect is an entirely different do-gooder spoiling her plans and teaching her life lessons. Because, whoever she is, the Lumiat knows far more about Missy than anyone should…


Brimstone and Terror by Roy Gill

Missy wants an army, a brigade of willing youngsters, trained to serve. So she takes a teaching post at a remote Scottish boarding school. But one of these boys knows Missy of old. And when Oliver Davis summons his sister for help, Lucy brings an ally from London. One Mr Strax…


Treason and Plot by Gemma Arrowsmith

The Gunpowder Plot. It’s a favourite of time travellers. If Missy’s going to hitch a ride, that’s the place to cause trouble. Especially if trouble makes a really big bang. The only person in her way, trying to keep history on track, is a rookie Time Agent. But Rita Cooper wanted excitement…


Too Many Masters by John Dorney

The Monk has captured Missy. And he will have his revenge… But the Ogrons are also looking to settle an old debt. And when they call it in, they find themselves with too many Time Lords on their hands. The Master owes them big – and the Ogrons know who the Master is. Don’t they?


The cover to Missy Series 2, featuring Dan Starkey, Michelle Gomez, Rufus Hound and Gina McKee (c) Big Finish Productions

Missy Series Two is available now to own as a collector’s edition box set at £24.99 or download from the Big Finish website at £19.99.

For a limited time, the digital download of Missy series one is available at 33% OFF, alongside a selection of discounted Big Finish titles featuring Missy’s former incarnations as the Master: https://www.bigfinish.com/collections/v/the-master These sale offers are valid until 23:59 (UK time) on 15 July 2020. 

Please note that Big Finish has now re-opened its warehouse and commenced the shipping of back-orders. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will still be delayed, but purchases of these CD titles will unlock a digital copy that can be downloaded or played on the Big Finish app immediately from the release date. 




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