Panini, the publishers of the esteemed Doctor Who Magazine have released their latest Essential Doctor Who publication – The Essential Doctor Who: Adventures in Space.   This lastest publication is jam packed with the interviews and stunning photos of our favourite TV show, Doctor Who.

Some of the exclusive material in collectors magazine includes a section of interviews including:

  • Bob Baker (co-writer of The Three Doctors, The Invisible Enemy and many more)
  • Nick Bullen (costume designer for The Space Pirates)
  • Jamie Mathieson (writer of Oxygen)
  • Pat Mills (comics legend and co-writer of The Song of the Space Whale)
  • Hayley Nebauer (costume designer for the 2017 series)
  • Louise Page (costume designer for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors)
  • Charles Palmer (director of Oxygen)
  • Sid Sutton (Doctor Who title sequence designer)

There is also a detailed examination of the model shoot for The Trial of a Time Lord and detailed reviews of Oxygen, The Daleks’ Master Plan and The Ark in Space.

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “Oxygen showed that space is one of the most hostile environments the Doctor has ever visited. This issue goes behind the scenes on that episode, and many of the preceding stories that belong in the same tradition. Bring a smartsuit – it’s dangerous out there!”

The Essential Doctor Who: Adventures in Space is on sale now at WH Smith and all good newsagents, price £9.99.




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