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OUT NOW: Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived

Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived - Tales for Future Time Lords. Cover by Lee Binding (c) BBC Books

Today see the release of the highly anticipated book Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived – Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier


A 224 page hardcover book, The Women Who Lived features profiles of 75 women from the history of Doctor Who. From the baseball bat wielding teen Ace, to the precious astrophysicist Zoe. From the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan to the Doctor herself. Doctor Who has featured many heroic and inspiring women, and this book explores their adventures, triumphs and heartbreaks.

Each profile is written by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier and accompanied by a stunning full page piece of art. A team of female artists has been especially assembled for the project. It includes Sophe Cowdrey Emma Price, Rachel Smith and Emma Viceli. All collected under a new cover by fan favourite Doctor Who artist Lee Binding.

Some outlets, such as Miwk, already reporting selling out of their stock, so move quickly to pick up your copy!

The launch of Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived is supported by two signing events. The first at Forbidden Planet London tomorrow, 28th of September, from 6-7pm. And also by a second signing at Forbidden Planet Bristol on Saturday, 29th of September, from 1-2pm.

Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived – Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords

From Sarah Jane Smith to Bill Potts, from Susan Foreman to the Thirteenth Doctor, women are the beating heart of Doctor Who. Whether they’re facing down Daleks or thwarting a Nestene invasion, these women don’t hang around waiting to be rescued. They roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Scientists and soldiers, queens and canteen workers, they don’t let anything hold them back.

Featuring historical women such as Agatha Christie and Queen Victoria alongside fan favourites like Rose Tyler and Missy, The Women Who Lived tells the stories of women throughout space and time. Beautifully illustrated by a team of all-female artists, this collection of inspirational tales celebrates the power of women to change the universe.

Written by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier. With art by Jo Bee, Gwen Burns, Sophie Cowdrey, Lydia Futral, Kate Holden, Bev Johnson, Dani Jones, Sonia Leong, Cliodhna Lyons, Mogamoka, Valentina Mozzo, Naniiebim, Lara Pickle, Emma Price, Katy Shuttleworth, Natalie Smillie, Rachael Smith, Raine Szramski, Tammy Taylor, Emma Vieceli and Caz Zhu. The cover is by the amazing Lee Binding.



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