Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor – Facing Fate Volume 3: The Good Companion is out now.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor – Facing Fate Volume 3: The Good Companion sees the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy’s increasingly desperate quest to escape their destinies come to a dramatic close. The Doctor’s song is ending, and with Ood Sigma’s return the four knocks can’t be far behind, while the TARDIS team are also in a race against time to stop Gabby’s Block Transfer Computation powers corrupting her into the Vortex Butterfly they already met in the future. Marking the end of The Tenth Doctor Year Three, this is the book which changes everything.

The Good Companion is by the regular Tenth Doctor team of writer Nick Abadzis and artist Georgia Sposito. Colour duties are taken by Adele Matera and Arianna Florean.  This hardback edition collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Three #11-14 in a hardback collection.

The Vortex Butterflies trilogy reaches is game-changing conclusion with devastating consequences for Gabby, Cindy and The Doctor! Will they all make it out in one piece? Or will the fate of these beloved companions be changed forever?

Also out are the release of several non-Doctor Who comics from Titan

The Raid #1: An all-new comic series based on the popular martial-arts blockbuster, written by Ollie Masters (The Kitchen)!

The Prisoner #4: Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first US transmission, this new series transports readers back to the mysterious village where everyone is a number!

Brother Nash #3: American Gods meets Preacher and Hellboy on the midnight road to Sacramento! Don’t miss out on this stunning Titan Comics debut from artist Bridgit Connell!

2021: Lost Children TPB: Four super-powered children are the only hope of the USA retaking the breakaway city of Detroit. Part of Titan’s brand new imprint showcasing the best of talent from around the world, Statix Press!


Full details of Titans’ release schedule can be found on the Titan Comics site


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