Thirteen DWM Debut

The Mistress of Chaos collection includes the Thirteenth Doctor's DWM debut (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Yaz Khan Graham O'Brien Ryan Sinclair John Ross Scott Gray Warmonger

The Mistress of Chaos collection includes the Thirteenth Doctor’s DWM debut. Striking, clear lined, comic book art in pale colours. A blue skinned alien child, with a protruding forehead but otherwise quite humanoid, clutches a type of teddy bear in the foreground. She looks up towards the Thirteenth Doctor, dominating the picture, in her trademark outfit of rainbow top and hooded coat. She’s reaching out towards the child with a kind look on her face, introducing her friends and herself. With her other hand she’s lifting a wooden plank or other debris off the child. Behind her, quite distant, as Yaz, Graham and Ryan. They’re standing on a pile of rubble and the setting appears to be a freshly collapsed building. Small fires have broken out here and there nearby. (c) Panini