A Doctor Who tradition regenerates with the Thirteenth Doctor’s DWM comic strip debut!

The first set of adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor and her Fam in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine have been collected. Mistress of Chaos brings together the comic strips from DWM issues #531-548, along with eleven new behind the scenes pages containing concept art and interviews. The four stories included make up an arc that sets two new adversaries for our hero on a collision course. And the result could be lethal for the entire universe.

First the Doctor runs fouls of unscrupulous intergalactic media magnate Berakka Dogbolter. The daughter of long term DWM strip villain Josiah Dogbolter, there’s no love lost between her and the Doctor following the Time Lord’s final defeat of her father in Doctor Who Magazine #500. Then Team TARDIS find themselves in 17th century Bohemia, facing the Herald of Madness. A creature from a dimension of pure chaos, and a twisted mirror image of the Doctor itself, the Herald threatens all reality. Returning to the future the Time Lord discovers Dogbolter has used fake news to turn the cosmos against her. But as the two’s feud heats up, they come under threat from an even greater danger – all these centuries on, the Herald is free at last!

The stories are written by Scott Gray, with art by Gray, John Ross, Mike Collins and David A. Roach. Meanwhile colouring is by James Offrendi, and lettering by Roger Langridge.


The Mistress of Chaos collection includes the Thirteenth Doctor's DWM debut (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Yaz Khan Graham O'Brien Ryan Sinclair John Ross Scott Gray Warmonger
The Mistress of Chaos collection includes the Thirteenth Doctor’s DWM debut. Art by John Ross (c) Panini

Doctor Who: Mistress of Chaos collects:

  • The Warmonger
  • The Herald of Madness
  • The Power of the Mobox
  • Mistress of Chaos

The collection is available from all good book and comic retailers. It can also be bought direct from Panini’s website, RRP £16.99


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