Doctor Who Magazine discovers the master plan behind new animated series DALEKS! while the Time Lord Victorious comic strip Monsterous Beauty continues

Doctor Who Magazine continues to play its part is the epic Time Lord Victorious crossover this month. The Ninth Doctor’s own adventures in the Dark Times place himself and Rose in undead danger in Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty Part Two. Can they escape the clutches of the Great Vampires? Meanwhile, DWM also takes a look behind the scenes of DALEKS! The free animated series is coming to the BBC YouTube channel on the 15th of November, and DWM talks to the cast and crew. Including Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs talking about bringing the classic Golden Emperor to life! Part of the Time Lord Victorious universe, it features the Dalek Emperor realizing something has gone wrong with time. But will their entirely selfish efforts to save the universe only make things worse?


Rose Tyler faces the Three Mad Sisters in Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty. Art by John Ross. Part Two (c) Panini Doctor Who Doctor Who Magazine DWM Great Vampires
What happens next? Rose Tyler faces the Three Mad Sisters in the cliffhanger of Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty Part One. Art by John Ross.  (c) Panini

Other highlights of the new issue include:

  • Doctor Who’s 50 Scariest Moments – With comments from Maxine Alderton, Chris Chibnall, Frazer Hines, Steven Moffat and more.
  • Ray Holman – The costume designer’s guide to the creatures he designed and dressed for Series 12 – with never-before-seen sketches from the Doctor Who Costume Department.
  • Memorabilia  – A new regular feature begins with a look at how to collect the Doctor Who Annual.
  • The Fact of Fiction – The exploration of the 1964 story Marco Polo continues
  • Marco Polo –  This issues also includes interviews with Marco Polo veterans Carole Ann Ford, Philip Voss and production assistant Penny Joy.
  • Apocrypha rediscovers the 1987 comic-strip The World Shapers.
  • The DWM Review – Including new books The Monster Vault and The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.
  • Previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, The Blogs of Doom and more!


DWM #557 is available to purchase now in shops and online via the Panini website.


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